• Ryan Calleja Urry

60% Of Maltese Students Vote Against Visiting Bars & Gyms Following Re-Opening This Friday 🤔

Is Lockdown finally over? 😲

Not fully - but almost all regulations are now being reversed. After a recent announcement by Robert Abela, bars & gyms are next in line to re-open their doors to the public.

Abela explained that “there WILL be measures to keep people safe, but we will NOT be sending a signal that tourists should not visit Malta due to these measures" 🌍

What Do Students Think? 🤔

In a recent poll on FreeHour's Instagram - which was seen by over 5,000 students - results suggest that half of Malta are still wary, while the other half is ready to return to normal.

Unfortunately, it seems the country is quite split on how they feel about the current situation.

On one hand, we cannot keep the island locked down forever, however many might say that it is too early to re-open all of these stores to the public.

Regardless, these measures are being reversed. Hopefully, this ends up being the right decision for all of us 🙃

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