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Bad Skin In Exam Season? Yon-Ka Are A World Famous Skincare Brand Ready To Level-Up Your Glow 🤩

Created over 65 years ago, Yon-Ka is a top skincare brand now present in 56 countries -through a network of beauty salons, spas & aesthetic clinics 🤩

Yon-Ka's priority is to provide visible and lasting results by boosting your skin's natural ability to regain & maintain quality - acting effectively on dermatological issues and fighting against the ageing process.

Considering exam season AND the stressful Pandemic are here at the same time, your skin could use a little break from the stress, don't you think? 🤔

Soft & Smooth Skin With Yon-Ka 😁

Yon-Ka provides visible and long-lasting results through non-aggressive treatments.

All products are manufactured in France; they are not tested on animals and respect a precise creation process.

The very core of all Yon-Ka products and treatment protocols is their energy-charged essential oils, made through distillation.

Relying on the power of these essential oils and plant extracts, combined with gold standardactive ingredients such as vitamin C, polyphenols, peptides and AHAs, Yon-Ka targets skin ageing & addresses all potential skin issues.

Yon-Ka uses sustainably sourced plants, favouring the use of organic plant extracts whenever possible.

The use of these organic extracts led to the creation of their star product, 'Quintessence', a unique blend of 5 essential oils. Each blend is customized to accommodate every skin type. Tired skin can be energised & revitalised, and inflamed skin can be soothed & relaxed.

The effectiveness of each product (such as firming effect, depth of the wrinkles, hydration, etc) is achieved thanks to top-quality clinical testing conducted by independent laboratories.

(NOTE: Clinical study carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist on 22 subjects, aged 20 to 40 and after 28 days of use morning and evening on the entire face for 1 month)

There's a cream for every single skin type, as well as every age range and gender, meaning Yon-Ka really does have something for everyone. Your skin will look and feel revitalised after just one treatment. To top it all off, they provide FREE skin consultations and are currently offering a 10% discount on all their services. There are even special personalised offers upon request!

Mini-Facial Offer 😲

If you've been prone to breakouts in the past or are currently battling one, then look no further! Yon-Ka can deliver a mini facial set straight to your door! (with free delivery 😇) The set comes with a double cleanser solution, a scrub, toner & masque.

Get In Touch 📲

Yon-Ka products are sold in salons all around Malta, so just ask for them ❤️

With regards to consultations or orders, you can message on FB or IG, where a trained Yon-Ka therapist will guide you as needed 🥰

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