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Attention Hypebeasts! Balenciaga & Supreme Importer "Sourced" Now Running Exclusive Giveaway 😱 🥾

We all love having fancy brand products in our closet, the problem is, fancy brands are pretty expensive 😅 Thankfully, we have a way that you can win a secret limited edition prize without spending a single cent!

Read on to find out how to level up your hypebeast status with our giveaway 👀

Sourced - Shoes Dreams Are Made Of 😎

Originally known as ThePlug_MLT, this brand sources designer and high-end streetwear apparel, with the end goal of becoming an international brand! Followers of sourced can simply send a DM of a product they like and get a quote on price & delivery right away!

They source a super wide range of brands too, from Balenciaga & Supreme - to Nike, Bape and Yeezy. As you can see from the photos, there are plenty of colourways on offer on the Sourced Instagram page, this is just a sneak peek 😉

The Giveaway 🎁

For this giveaway, we've partnered with Sourced to giveaway a Padlock & Key, yes you read that right, it's not just any padlock though - it's a Limited Edition 2020 Supreme Padlock.

These babies aren't even sold at stores anymore, so having one will definitely certify you as a top tier hypebeast 🤣

How To WIN:

Step 1: Post a pic of your favourite piece of "hypebeast" apparel to story ( shoes, belts, hats - anything you think is cool )

Step 2: Make sure you tag @freehour_malta & @__sourced__ in your story and follow both brands 🥰

Stay tuned for Saturday 9th when Round 1 of our competition will take place, where 8 semifinalists will be chosen for you the audience to decide on the winners via polls.

Good Luck!!! 😁 🍀

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