• Ryan Calleja Urry

Attention Coffee Lovers! Earn Points & Get Free Coffee With Costa's New Loyalty App 📲 ☕️

📸 credits to @g.i.n.g.r.i.j.a & @sarahchouhal 📸

Costa has always made it a point to reward their customers for their loyalty and now, they're stepping up their game in Malta. Welcome to Costa's new "Our way of saying Grazzi!" campaign! Where it's out with the old loyalty stamp cards and in with the new points & tier systems through their new loyalty app!

The app is a great way to track and redeem your rewards, and can also direct you to the nearest Costa when you desperately need that in-between-lesson wake-up call

The Costa Club 😍 - What You Need To Know.

1 - Every time you buy something from a Costa outlet, scan the unique barcode on your app to update or redeem your points. For every €1 spent; you will be rewarded 5 points which is equivalent to .05c back. Exclusive offers and rewards will be given to you as you go!

2 - Your accumulated Costa Club points, along with your visits, recent purchases, and general customer information can be easily tracked in the home section of the app.

3 - To start earning your Costa Currency, all you have to do is buy stuff from Costa, literally anything. That's right, it's not just coffee! So if you stop by for a quick toastie or muffin before a lesson, you get points for those too, amaziiiiiing.

4 - The points will also stay in your account for super long, only becoming unusable if your account has been inactive for more than a year. Get the app here.

Sounds good? There's more.

Starting now, new users will get 100 free points upon download for a limited time (till the 11th of November) AND the free points you get upon downloading can be used at any Costa of your choice - just like the other points you'll earn with Costa in the future.

And there's even more! Along with the points you'll earn on individual items you buy, they'll also be rewarding you based on how often you visit their stores per month, even if you just buy a single cookie.

The Prestigious "Costa Club Loyalty Tiers"

These rewards are only reserved for Costa's most loyal customers, so to keep your status as a proud Bronze, Silver, or Gold Bean member, your visits need to remain consistent.

For example, if in one month you reach the 10 visit mark, you’ll be crowned as a Silver Bean, which is the title you'll keep as long your number of visits during the following month remain at a minimum of 10.

If you reach 20 visits, you’ll then be upgraded to the honourable Gold Bean title, and you’ll need to again visit at least 20 times the following month in order to maintain that high status.

Finally, their barista's aren't just there to make your excellent coffee and scan your barcode to give you points, they're also very understanding and helpful with any in-app issues you might have - ask them anything ;)

You can download the app here.

You can also contact Costa with any questions via email on marketing@costamalta.com for any further information you may require.

Imagine all the Instagram stories you could get out of Costa's delicious coffee - especially when a lot of their employees know coffee art 😱