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Asia's #1 Hair Vitamin Brand Are Finally In Malta & Here To Strengthen Your Locks The Natural Way 😍

Keeping your hair healthy is super important for maintaining silky and shiny locks, the problem is most people's diets do not cover all the vitamins needed!

The pills are non-edible & are applied directly to your hair. They should be used every time your hair gets wet, that is, after swimming or after a shower. 🥰

Enter Ellips, an eco-friendly brand offering a variety of different products all specifically designed for different kinds of hair types. Their tablets come in packs of 6, boxes of 10 or jars of 50 - and are all biodegradable.

Learn more about getting your dream hair below 👇

A Wide Range Of Healthy Vitamins 😍 🙋‍♀

#1 - Protective Pink 🌷

First up, dip your toes in the world of hair vitamins with these rejuvenating little tablets. Packed with enriching vitamin oils like Jojoba Oil and Keratin, this batch is perfect for treating chemically damaged hair, while nourishing and prepping you for other vitamins.

#2 - Youthful Yellow 💛

Already have some happy & healthy hair? These tablets are a handy supplement that let you maintain your gorgeous locks. Made from Aloe Vera to lock in moisture, these capsules will give your hair a well-needed boost of vitamins before the hot summer months begin.

Want some more luxuriousness? There's a Keratin-infused version of these capsules too!

#3 - Like To Dye Your Hair? Choose Purple ☂️

These tablets are specifically designed for ladies (or men I suppose) who just can't stop dyeing their hair. The Triple Care Formula is a treatment infused with conditioning ingredients that help care for coloured hair, while treating dullness caused by sun rays & preserving the shine of your dyed hair.

Additionally, the inclusion of Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamins A and E and Moroccan Oil guarantees that hair remains nourished while helping to fight against frizz

#4 - Vitamin Vitality 💪

This batch was made primarily to help stressed or brittle hair - restoring strength and vitality to your curls. Ginseng and Honey Oil come together to help prevent breakages and actively fight to reinforce your hair structure.

These capsules also include Pro-Vitamin B5, A and E, to guarantee nourishment

#5 - Black Beauties ♠️

Have darker hair?

These tablets were made specifically to maintain a nice and healthy shine on black hair. The stand out ingredients in this product is Candle Nut (Kemiri) as well as Aloe Vera - which help to protect the natural gloss that gives dark hair that 3-dimensional silkiness.

Want more? There's a Keratin version of this range too!

Finally In Malta 📬

Ellips will soon be updating their website with a list of professional hairdressers that sell their products, until then, you can get all their tablets delivered directly to you!

That's right, they do delivery all around Malta and Gozo, straight to your doorstep 👀

Want free delivery? All you have to do is spend over €15 😉

Again, you can find their website here ❤️

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