• Daniel Tihn

Law, BCOM, or ACCA Student? Parker Randall Turner Have A Brand New Job Waiting For You 🤓

If you're studying accounting through ACCA or University of Malta, you're probably always on the look out for your next big opportunity, the next step in your career. Well, Parker Randall Turner are now looking for new employees to join their team, and you might be exactly what they're after.

Who Are Parker Randall Turner?

They're an audit, tax, and advisory firm which forms part of an international network, spanning over 50 countries both in Europe and beyond. Set up in 1997, Parker Randall Turner has always aimed at having a continuous and structured growth, employing young and fresh minds to learn as they become part of the team.

With flexible hours in mind, Parker Randall Turner offers a student-friendly environment as they wish to take candidates and help them grow through internal training and experience, guiding them through the accounting world. Find the available positions below.

Accounts Junior Associate

The first available opening is part of Parker Randall Turner's accounting department, the job being an Accounts Junior Associate.

The role mainly encompasses the following responsibilities:

  • Postings in the sales and purchases ledger

  • Posting of receipts and payments

  • Bank and other reconciliations

  • Generation and compilation of VAT returns

  • Preparation of accounts to be passed for audit

  • Management accounts and general assistance to the accounts and payroll departments

The position is being offered on a full-time basis and has a high chance of leading to career development, and due to P&R being an ACCA Platinum Approved Employer. Candidates will work from the firm's main offices in Birżebbuġa, as well as from clients' offices.

Audit Associate

The second opening, an Audit Associate, is within their audit department. The job has one main primary responsibility:

  • The execution of audit jobs for a portfolio of private companies registered in Malta

While the Accounts Junior Associate seems to have more responsibilities than the Audit Associate position, the workload between the two are equal, and both hold equal weight within the company's eco-system.

This position is also being offered on a full-time basis, and will again require employees to work from the firm's main offices in Birżebbuġa, as well as clients' offices.

Junior Lawyer

The third and final opening is for students studying law.

The role will consist of:

  1. Provision of tax support to our local and international clients;

  2. Computation of the chargeable income based on financial statements;

  3. Allocation of profits for tax accounting purposes;

  4. The compilation of income tax returns;

  5. Registration of shareholders for tax refunds;

  6. Application for tax refunds;

  7. Liaising with the Inland Revenue Department in relation to the same.

With regard to the corporate role, the candidate will be responsible for the following in relation to a portfolio of local and international clients:

  1. Assisting in the setting up of corporate structures to our local and international clients

  2. Provision of compliance services

  3. Maintenance of corporate structures on an ongoing basis

  4. Carrying out of preliminary and ongoing due diligence

The Ideal Candidate

All three posts have some general requirements and qualities that are expected from successful candidates. The first quality the firm is looking for is a relative qualification within the field of application. The academic aspect is a high priority, but it's not the end all be all.

If you think you're a qualified person that doesn't yet have the qualifications, shoot your shot regardless.

The second requirement is experience, the more you have the better. Once again, this does not rule out anyone with a lack of experience, yet only encourages those who have it.

To apply for either position, please send a detailed CV by email to info@prturner.com.mt and in the subject area of the email, quote the position you are applying for.