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Apply With ITS, Malta's Leading Higher Educational Institution Sporting Unique Practical Courses 😍

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The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) offers a vast selection of career opportunities. With the Hospitality & Tourism Industry guaranteeing an exciting, rewarding and diversified career.

Offering programmes of studies ranging from Foundation Programmes (MQF Level 2) to Masters Degree Programmes (MQF Level 7), ITS is dedicated to training tomorrow’s industry professionals as well as further educating those already working in the business.

What's On Offer 👩‍🎓

The Institute offers career opportunities in:

Rooms Division / Event Management / International Hospitality Management / Travel and Tourism / Culinary Arts, Service / Tourist Guiding / Diving Safety Management / Heritage Interpretation & Climate Friendly Travel ♻️

The Institute of Tourism Studies prides itself in offering students vital theoretical knowledge, as well as very extensive hands-on experience, through the ITS training restaurants, kitchens and hospitality laboratories.

ITS students are also exposed to further training through the paid Local Industrial Trade Practice, as well as a super cool International Internship, which is included in every students’ programme of study.

A Closer Look 🧐

For the coming academic year, the Diploma in Climate Friendly Travel & the Bachelor of Science in Diving Safety Management have been introduced as the 2 new pioneer courses.

Lectures for these two programmes will be available online, from the ITS campus in Gozo, with the Bachelor of Science including practical diving research/sessions around Gozo, considering that it's a world-renowned spot for divers.

The Diploma in Climate Friendly Travel, ranked at MQF level 4, will train students to support companies within the travel and transport industry in making the necessary changes to become carbon neutral, in view of the current global challenge of climate change.

The Bachelor of Science in Diving Safety Management, ranked at MQF level 6, is offered through the International School of Diving Safety and Medicine.

Fun fact! - Diving in Malta is sought after by 5% of all tourists year after year, with Malta being consistently voted as one of the top diving spots worldwide by international divers. In other words, you should really consider this course 😅

Countless Options For All Students 📝

The Institute offers multiple programmes at various levels, with a number of entry points for those prospective students who wish to start studying with ITS.

  • Students who finished their Form 5 education & acquired the required requisites from MATSEC, may apply for Certificate level programmes.

  • Students who finished their Form 5 education but did not acquire the required requisites from MATSEC, may apply for the Foundation programme.

  • Individuals who will be doing their A levels or already have this level of education may apply for the Bachelor’s Degree level. This level may also be applied for by individuals who have experience in the subject in mention.

For The Foodies 👨‍🍳

This year, the Institute launched a new preparatory course for the Bachelor in Culinary Arts aimed for individuals who have a certain level of education but no experience in the subject.

  • Individuals who have a certain level of experience and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in a related subject may apply for the Master’s Degree level.

  • The Institute offers an MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) in International Hospitality Management in academic affiliation with The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management and an MA ( Master of Arts ) in Heritage Interpretation.

Get In Touch 📲

Details & online applications can be found here & will remain open until the 7th of August 🚨

Also, the Institute will be offering Information Sessions on the different programmes available, starting as from the 20th July. You can learn about these by emailing registrar@its.edu.mt ✉️

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