• Jamie Dent

APPLY NOW: Junior College Applications Are Now OPEN! 🥳

As of today, all applications for Junior College are now open - and here are the dates for admission. Before starting your online application, you might want to have a good look at these guidelines too.

If you're a new student & you've just completed secondary school or if you're a post-secondary student who wants to enrol as a 1st year with Junior College then you can go ahead and apply online. 

It's easy - first you need to select your programme:

👉 Standard: For students who plan on furthering their studies at UM after 6th Form

👉 Extra: Opt for this one if you plan on studying at uni abroad in the future 👉 Medicine & Science: Aimed for students planning on studying Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Health Care or Sciences at UM

Then just tap apply and finally select 'LOG IN'.

P.S. - If you're still unsure about what subjects to take at JC, fear not. There are many other students with the same problem - so many, in fact, that there's an entire service dedicated to helping out JC students who need a little advice & guidance on picking their subjects (or anything else you might need help with). Good luck! 😊

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