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Apply For Vodafone's Youth Plan & Get FREE VR Set, Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Headphones & More 😲

New semester, new savings 🤑

Whether you're starting a fresh year at a new school, or returning to your course for round 2 or 3 - the time has almost come for you to start packing your books...

The social media binging sprees of the summer months don't need to slow down though & with Vodafone's NEW Youth Plans, data is endless and cheap. Oh, and you can also redeem some crazy prizes, totally for free! 👀

The 5 FREE Prizes 🏆

If you subscribe to Vodafone's Youth Standard Plan (more info below) you'll be eligible to choose from 5 different free gifts.

Here Are Your Options:

  • A full VR set

  • A Premium Powerbank 5000 mAh with Dual USB

  • Wireless Neckband Stereo Earphones

  • A Pair Of Wireless Stereo Headphones

  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Power Bank 3000 mAh

Once you've signed up to the Youth Standard Plan, just pay a visit to your local Vodafone outlet any time between Oct 26th & 31st and say "Youth FreeHour Promo" at the front desk.

Then, just choose your gift & enjoy all the plan's benefits - like hundreds of free minutes as well as data rollover! Read on for a full benefits breakdown 👇

Terms and Conditions

This offer only applies to Vodafone customers who have subscribed to the Youth Standard Plan with automatic subscription between 1st Oct - 31st Oct & who have the FreeHour App.

6 Quick Points, 6 Amazing Benefits 👀

Vodafone is back for yet another year with new & improved student plans, which have been updated with many new benefits that you can make use of today👇

Read till the end to find out about your selection of 5 different FREE gifts 🌟

#1 - Picture this: mid bus ride your data runs out and Tallinja Wifi isn't really supporting your Tik-Tok addiction. Luckily, Vodafone's plans ensure you don't need to worry about this happening ever again, because you get 40GB of data at FULL speed 👀

#2 - Long phone calls with your best friend where you spill tea for 2 hours? Not to worry, you now have 400 FREE minutes to call any local number you'd like - chat for hours 🙌

#3 - Are your pockets hurting? Spending all your money on those cheeky dinners? Not an issue as Vodafone have managed to overhaul the Youth Plan scene, with the above 40GB & 400 FREE minutes being offered for just €11.99 - and 10GB plans starting at €7,99 🤑

#4 - With the new plans, data rollover is included, meaning that if you've got data left from last month, it rolls over to the next month automatically - saving you even more cash 🤯

#5 - Remembering things not your strong suit? 😅 Their new plan features automatic top-ups - including a one-time setup and overall hands-free process ❤️

#6 - Last but not least, don't forget that all of the above can be done from the comfort of your bedroom - subscribe online today to gain all these amazing benefits! 😇

Don't miss out!

The above data plans are this year's best local option for students 🚀

Get Online & Get Saving 📲

Not only are Vodafone giving you amazing benefits like 400 free minutes, full-speed data, and an easy setup process that auto-renews, they're doing it all at the competitive prices of €7.99 & €11.99 for students on a budget - AND you save even more with data rollover.

Want to get started with your Youth Plan?

Join NOW by clicking here 😊