• Daniel Tihn

Apple Pay Is Live In Malta... Kind Of

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay was in development for quite some time as Apple partnered with numerous companies in their attempt to remove all forms of plastic and outdated cards. The service is slowly launching in new areas all around the world, and as of yesterday Malta is one of the countries that will now be able to use the new system. Yet there is a little catch...


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is part of the Wallet app on iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2s and later, all Macs with touch ID, and all Apple Watches. The system has 2 main functions, removing physical cards in your day to day purchases and collecting all your cards into one place to pay for purchases on the App Store, iTunes, etc.

When it comes to removing physical cards, through the use of Near-Field Communication, or NFC for short (which is used for contactless payments), you can touch your phone, tablet, or smart watch onto a contactless terminal. This removes the need of carrying around a wallet full of cards and cash and is also safer than a normal contactless card as before the purchase goes through authentication is needed.


How To Use It

There are 2 main uses to Apple Pay, with the first being more enticing and exciting than the second as an added bonus. The first and main reason to use Apple Pay is its daily use a card replacement but before any of that, you need to add your cards into the system. You can either go through the Wallet app or, if you are adding Revolut, simply tap the Add to Apple Wallet button in the Revolut app.

If you are out with your friends and want to pop into Maccies for a quick bite, you don't even need to take your wallet out of your bag. All you need to do is touch your device on the card terminal and authenticate that it is you paying either via Face ID of Touch ID, depending on the device you are using. Voila, simple & easy.

You can also use Apple Pay when doing online purchases on certain websites and in any Apple owned apps and sites. The same as using it in a shop, the purchase would require authentication such as Touch ID on a MacBook Pro 2017 or later.


The Pros & Cons of Apple Pay in Malta

Now that Apple Pay is available in Malta, more and more iPhones will start to be used for payments all across the island, yet there is a tiny problem. While the system is brilliant, Maltese card companies are currently not available on it. While this may have been a problem last year, Revolut (and Monese) are here to save the day. Both of these banks are available on the card-less system, allowing Maltese consumers to spend their money that extra bit faster & easier.

Although this means that Apple Pay hasn't officially launched in Malta, Revolut has over 4 million users across Europe, making this small technicality not that big of a problem. We can expect local banks to follow suit as Apple Pay starts to gain more traction across the island.


Are you going to be using Apple Pay any time soon? Tell us in the comments below 💶