• Daniel Tihn

Argument Breaks Out After 2 Women Were Told "Go Back To Your Country"

Yesterday on one of our islands stunning busses, 2 foreign women of colour got into a screaming match with a Maltese man. The argument started after the bus driver told the 2 women to "move back", which led to the Maltese man telling them to "Go Back To Your Country", a famous Maltese motto.

Chaos ensued as the trio kept screaming at each other, the Maltese man offering up racial slurs (that he hates black people) to defend himself as the women berated him. The video is 7 and a half minutes long and is a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch the argument go on... and on... and on.

A passenger on the bus said, "All throughout the bus ride, the driver politely asked to not skip the driver's seat." They also stated that after the bus driver called the police, no officers or Transport Malta employees showed up, which led to many passengers leaving the bus.

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