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American Woman Issued Death Penalty For The First Time In 70 Years Due To A Very Gruesome Crime...

Warning: This Is A Graphic Read ⚠️

Last week, the United States carried out their first federal execution of a woman in almost 70 years. Lisa Montgomery was pronounced dead on the 13th of January.

Why was this killing deemed necessary by the supreme court, you ask? There's controversy surrounding the decision, however, the woman did do some particularly gruesome things...


The Conviction 😳

Not only was Lisa found guilty of a horrific murder, but it also was also a premeditated murder that was planned ahead of time. Lisa's crime was that of killing a pregnant 23-year old in order to steal her baby.

Upon realising she couldn't have a child, Lisa sought out her victim: young dog breeder Bobbie Jo Stinnett. Under the guise of buying a puppy, Montgomery went to Stinnett's home, where she strangled her and cut the baby from her body.

Montgomery's defenders did not deny the seriousness of her crime, as it is clearly quite a horrifying situation. They did make an objection to the death penalty decision though, and called it a "vicious, unlawful, and unnecessary exercise of authoritarian power"


Does Lisa Deserve The Death Penalty? ⚖️

Perpetuating the cycle of murder cannot be the right answer.

While I'm sure your brain might be screaming "YES" to the above question, let's take a second to consider the facts we have.

According to her defendants, Lisa suffered from severe mental health issues throughout her life, which stemmed from some extreme abuse she suffered as a child.

There is an argument then that Lisa's behaviour wasn't truly "her own doing" - instead it was a deeply hurt child who became highly unstable mentally and desperately in need of help.

People who go through extreme trauma grow into minds that are severely damaged & distorted. They are victims of their circumstance and cannot escape it.

At the same time, we cannot absolve these crimes. What we can do though, is not "give up" on a human life in this manner. In an ideal world, there is a well-funded & highly equipped rehabilitation facility that Lisa could have been sent to, where her traumas are addressed and she can get the help she so clearly needed.


Clemency Plea Denied 🤔

Clemency is basically the defendants asking for the court to give a more merciful sentencing.

Unfortunately, despite the decline of capital punishment in the US and around the world, Trump's administration have brought back the process since July - after a 17 year hiatus, and have been carrying them out at an unprecedented rate ever since. This was no exception.

Recently though, the introduction of a law to end federal executions was announced. It could be passed once president-elect Joe Biden takes full control of the office and Democrats regain control of the Senate. Would you be happy to see this law enacted?


It Is Not An Easy Decision To Take A Life 🙏

These topics are always very complicated.

We don't claim to have all the answers nor do we claim to fully understand both sides, we do believe however that the solution to murder cannot possibly be more murder.

Some form of rehabilitation should be the way forward.

What do you think? 🤔


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