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All Schools Can Open Despite High COVID Cases Says Owen Bonnici - School Association Disagrees 🤔

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Following the constant pressure that's being put on educational bodies and health authorities in recent times, with regards to the pandemic meeting exam sessions & schools, Minister Owen Bonnici has come out and said a few words of reassurance...


Part 1 - "Everything Is Under Control" 🤔

Education Minister Owen Bonnici has recently spoken out against people claiming that COVID-19 is an obstacle to the upcoming school year.

Making reference to the re-opening of certain facilities, Owen said the following:

"I would like to remind you that we opened our childcare centres, and they’re still open, and we opened SkolaSajf, and it’s still open. There were no cases where a child went to any of these places and contracted COVID-19.”

It's important to note though, that last July a child support worker at a Luqa SkolaSajf tested positive for COVID-19...


Part 2 - Some Official Counterpoints 👀

In a counter-response to Owen's words above, the Independent Schools’ Association have urged locals that the reduction of the infection rate is a crucial factor to consider before anyone can even think of reopening schools this September.

“School reopening can only occur if all entities & citizens realise that there is a strong correlation between decreasing the RT factor & its transmission rate in the community,”

The above is particularly worrying when you consider children who may serve as COVID carriers to their vulnerable parents, or worse still, vulnerable students themselves.

It's also important to remember that schools are set to open up in just 1 month, and with Malta currently at 664 active cases, many are debating whether it is safe and advisable to return to a physical classroom format - or to push for a full shift to online learning.


Part 3 - A Happy Ending? 😲

Education Minister Owen Bonnici has since replied to these general concerns, saying that he has spoken with the Health Authorities in order to compile official guidelines. Apparently, these guidelines will be "concluding imminently".

When these talks conclude, the Education Ministry will first be informing their stakeholders, then contacting the parents of students. This process “will take around four weeks”.

“As you may have noticed, we didn’t speak much, but we did a lot of work behind the scenes which is equally important.“

Bonnici continued by saying that as soon as these guidelines are set in stone, all questions that have been posed by the public and the media will be answered.


An ongoing storyline 😴

We can only imagine how nerve-wracking and frustrating this constant back and forth is for our students. Whether it be on the topic of exam precautions or schools reopening.

We'll keep you informed as we go! Just focus on staying calm & getting those grades 🙏


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