• Ryan Calleja Urry

All-Nighter Nightmares: 5 Classic Stages In Exam Cramming 😅 ⏱

It's that time of year again 😒

If you haven't had the pleasure of having an all-nighter yet, trust me, your time will come. As for the veterans out there, I hope this makes you laugh more than it makes you cry 😅

8 PM - Plenty Of Time 😌

Okay so my exam starts at 9 am, that means I have a solid 12 hours of studying before I have wake up & leave home. More than enough time right? Laptop is fully charged, all my notes are neatly stacked & categorised by topic - this night is gonna be a breeze.

11 PM - The (False) Confidence 👀

Damnnn since when am I so good at this? 2 hours in and I've covered at least 6 different topics - including some past paper questions! I feel sharp, I feel determined, everything is going according to plan.

I'm gonna ace this exam.

1 AM - The Hype Train Has Crashed 🙃

Okay so, my room has gotten significantly messier at this point. The past 2 hours have been a blur of emotions. The syllabus I thought I had fully mapped out magically decided to get 3 chapters longer - also my cat can't seem to accept the fact that my keyboard is NOT her bed.

(I also secretly watched a couple of Lucifer episodes, and by episodes I mean seasons...shhh I have everything under control I swear)

4 AM - The Point Of No Return 💀

4 empty coffee cups, 3 squashed Red Bull cans, 2 red eyes and 1 absolutely exhausted student. This is horrible, I hate everything about this.

Not only have I consumed enough caffeine to kill an adult rhino, but I also fell down the YouTube wormhole for a solid 2 hours watching those acrylic pour paint videos.


8 AM - The Bags Under My Eyes Are Gucci 🥱

Sike, I definitely don't own any Gucci. What I do have though is a crippling sense of impending failure, and a covid mask.

On the bright side though, I can spend the last hour of my exam napping since I won't know half the answers! #silverlinings right? 🙄

Good Luck for your exams 🥰 🍀

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