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Ages 16 & Under Cannot Take COVID-19 Vaccinations & First Batch Of 10,000 Doses Arriving Dec 26th 👀

Important Updates 🙏

In today's last-minute press conference, led by Chris Fearne & Charmaine Gauci, it was announced that anybody under the age of 16 is not permitted to receive the vaccine.

This is due to the fact that proper testing for children has not yet taken place - pregnant women & breastfeeding mothers also cannot take the vaccine, Charmaine confirmed.

Just recently, the European Medicines Agency officially approved the COVID-19 vaccines, which will be arriving this Saturday in the form of 10,000 doses.

The proposed timeline is as follows:

Sunday, 27th Dec

  • First vaccine doses will be administered

  • These doses will be given to Mater Dei nurses, workers at IDU/ITU emergency ward, & COVID ward health workers.

Tuesday, 29th Dec

  • Staff at Primary HealthCare (Floriana) & swabbing centres start receiving the vaccine.

Wednesday, 30th Dec

  • Staff at Mount Carmel, St Thomas, Boffa, & Good Samaritan hospital will start receiving the vaccine.

January, 1st - 6th

  • Workers & residents at St Vincent de Paule home for the elderly will be offered the vaccine.

Thursday, 7th Jan

  • The first letters to patients aged over 85 will be sent with a date, time, & place for them to receive the 1st & 2nd vaccine.

Help On The Horizon ✅

The first dose is to be administered on Sunday morning.

Fearne explained how Malta would eventually be receiving up to 500,000 Pfizer doses, alongside another 100,000 doses from Moderna.

If you'd like to learn more about the virus and if you're eligible to take it, there's been a brand new helpline setup which you can call by dialling 145.

Will you be taking the vaccine? 🤔

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