• Daniel Tihn

Adopting A Pet In Malta: How & Where To Get Yourself A Furry Friend 🐒

Owning a pet is incredible. It's like having a kid but way better. For example, you need to feed both, give them attention, and clean their crap, but a kid won't appreciate it as much as a dog would, at least not until your kid has moved out. A dog will always be there for you, through thick and thin, unconditionally while a child screams at you as they take massive & stinky shits which literally make you want to kill yourself. At least a dog or cat is easier to clean up after.

Now that I've made my point clear, how are you going to adopt a pet? Bringing a pet into your life is the easy part, finding the perfect one may be a little harder.

Rescuing From A Pound

When thinking about adopting a pet, rescuing one may be the best way to do it. Not only are you going to get a new addition to the family, but you are saving a poor animal and giving them the love and attention that they deserve.

Most people when adopting look for puppies, kittens, or the young and cute versions of the animal they are looking for, leading to a lot of older animals waiting to be rescued only to never get the opportunity of leaving the pound. If you are looking to rescue an animal, remember that they all deserve a home and that they will love you for it no matter how old they are (except a handful of cats, some of them are made from pure anger and spite).

If you are interested in rescuing any animals, please contact MSPCA or Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Take In From The Streets

Unfortunately, there are many animals on the streets, and each one is in desperate need of a home and a family. Taking animals in from the street may not be the easiest thing, especially with any medical or hygienic problems they may have, and that you will have to register them but they should not be forgotten. If you want to help them, calling up a rescue agency and having them help you through the process is an excellent way at saving another animals life (call MSPCA on 2123 0468 for more information).

Also, since they've lived on the street for a lot of their life, they will probably be proper gangsters, giving you and your crew quite a lot of street cred.

Pet Shops

Many pet shops around the island let you adopt pets. Most of them may not always have dogs and cats available, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Literally, if you are looking for fish, specifically goldfish (a family favourite), then you will probably be able to find a few pet shops that sell these swimming friends. If you want to look to the skies instead of to the water, adopting birds is just as easy, with most pet shops stocking the fun flyers.

Through Friends, Family, & Facebook

On Facebook, many people post about how their cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, which usually you would scroll by and not have a second thought, yet this is the perfect opportunity to adopt. When adopting through someone you know, you can trust that it's coming from a good home and that the animal has been taken care of, meaning you won't need to worry about any medical issues.

If you unfortunately don't know anyone who is putting their pets up for adoption, then there are always Facebook groups. Malta Pet Adoption Group is a self-explanatory group that is used for adopting pets that don't have a home. They can come from all walks of life but all mean the same thing, saving an animal from sleeping on the streets.


Adopting from a breeder is usually expensive and apart from getting a healthy animal, you aren't really getting too many benefits if you are looking for a family pet. Most breeders sell rare and beautiful breeds of dogs that are meant to be trained and to look pretty, but don't guarantee the love and affection of man's (and woman's) best friend. Wherever you get your pet, they will love you no matter what as long as you treat them well, breeders just make the process much easier and safer for you and your new companion.

Also, getting a breed dog is like the opposite of rescuing one from the street, taking away any of your crew's street cred previously earned from adopting a wicked street cat.

What animal do you have at home and where did you get them? Tell us in the comments below. 🐍