• Daniel Tihn

A Blast From The Past: How Some Of Malta's Best Hangout Spots Used To Look 🇲🇹

Many years ago, back before the internet, smart phones, and Donald Trump, the world was a much more peaceful place. Since it was essentially the Dark Ages, people went out swimming, or for walks, or to hang out and do... I honestly don't know. I don't get how old people say technology is bad, it's brilliant for ignoring people you don't like, it lets you stay at home and ignore all of life's problems, what is there to complain about?

There is one major benefit to those times, and that was peace and quiet. Less construction and all that faff; just beautiful beaches, architecture, and gardens. All photos are courtesy goes to Bay Retro for the photos.


While Gozo is definitely more peaceful than its big brother, this makes it look nearly abandoned.


This classic beach doesn't seem to have changed too much, yet the most noticeable thing is how clean and empty the beach is, unlike today now that it's packed with tourists and students alike.

Valletta Bus Terminal

With its recent revamping, the Valletta bus terminal is completely different today. Whether it's for better or for worse, the terminal is now safer, more organised, and modern; yet the old roundabout only brings back nostalgia.


Apart from a lack of buildings, it seems not too much has changed for Mellieħa in the past 50 years. Looks like being packed comes with the beach.

St. George's Bay

Now a bustling beach next to PV, this photo feels empty when you look at it knowing how busy and full it is today. It's a little freaky thinking about how much has changed since the photo was taken.


At first glance, this photo seems normal yet when you dig a little deeper you can notice the proper details. While the lack of construction stands out, it is also missing all the franchise shops and outlets along the street.


Just like Spinola, Exiles is missing a lot of the construction that is there today, but apart from that it looks quite similar to the way it is today. Did I mention the construction?

Send us any cool photos of some classic versions of popular spots from around the island for a chance to get featured. 🌅