• Ryan Calleja Urry

9 Carnival Moments That Every Maltese Student Will Go Through In Gozo 🍻 😂

Whether it's your 1st or 6th time heading up to Gozo, this is a good summary of what you can expect to be doing. It's pretty much the same thing every time, but hey, we aren't complaining 😅

1. The Sleep Stampede 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

Picture Usain Bolt at the Olympics. He's squatted down, about to burst into a full sprint as soon as he hears the gun go off for his 100m race. In this case, the keys in the farmhouse door are the gun, & your name is now Usain.

The door to the farmhouse opens and you instantly drop your bags & sprint up the stairs - desperate to get the room with the biggest bed or the nicest view. Somehow your entire group of friends are all yelling a different Maltese swear word at the same time.

The madness has begun.

2. Can We Fit 20 Oreo Packs In Our Shopping Cart? 🛒

The first adventure of the Gozo trip is usually to the local supermarket. This is where you load up on as many snacks and oven-ready foods as possible, so you can spend the least amount of time cooking and the most amount of time partying.

Where are the plastic cups? Who put in 5 different pringles flavours and only one roll of toilet paper? Why are there more vodka bottles than water bottles? Sigh.

3. I Mean We COULD Throw A House Party... 🎊

Okay yes the farmhouse rules said strictly no loud music, they also literally said no parties but I mean...I have the perfect playlist for it..

Will it be worth it though? The morning cleanup will be such a pain, not to mention all the breakages that'll definitely happen - and people "accidentally" getting pushed in the pool 😂

Decisions decisions...

4. Getting Face Painted For Your Shitty Costume 🎃

Wooahh Jon you're a skeleton huh? That's super spooky dude. Let's not forget about Lara & her really creative cat outfit too! Sadly most people put a hilariously low amount of effort into their costumes, but I guess we'll all be too drunk to see them anyway so who cares.

(Sidenote - if you take a wannabe Joker / Harley Quinn back to the farmhouse, don't forget you can buy protection ahead of time from onboard the Gozo ferry - you're welcome 😉)

guaranteed his costume is better than yours

5. "Guuuuys The Van Is Here" 🚐

After spending a good 3 days in a row fighting on which party to buy tickets for, the moment has finally arrived. Pre-drinks were a success, the drinking games have left you destroyed but in a good way.

As you stumble towards the van, you pat yourself down to make sure your phone and wallet are safely in your pockets, while making a silent prayer to any god that will listen in the hopes that you don't lose your ID card for the 4th time in your life.

6. Afternoon Poolside Chilling 🌊

The quiet after the storm. You somehow managed to drag yourself out of bed after hitting snooze a solid 54 times. Your vegan friend Martha is offering you her miracle detox drink but all you want to do is collapse on a deckchair & go back to sleep by the pool.

Later on, you and your friends decide to go on a hike in nature, that way you all have some photos you can send back to the family that don't make you look like total degenerates 😂

hangover vibes

7. Time To Trash Someone Elses Crib... 🏚

It's always fun paying a visit to another group of friends, especially when they have a nicer farmhouse than you do...2 pool tables? Damn guys.

You also get to steal a couple of snacks, enjoy a different view, and maybe even bum some alcohol if your friends are extra nice. Cheers 🍻

8. Getting Maxokk Or Mekren 🍕

Possibly the most well-known pizzas in all of Gozo - at least among students. These spots are legendary in their topping variety and overall pizza quality, a really great option to end your Gozo trip on a high note.

Btw, if you don't post a story of the Maxokk / Mekren feast you ordered with your friends, then you didn't actually go to Gozo. I don't make the rules, that's just how it works. Sorry.

9. The Crazy Traffic Otw Back To Malta 😡

If you're one of the lucky ones with a farmhouse close to the ferry - god bless.

As for the rest of us, cleaning and packing our stuff was only the start of the pain. Not only is there a hefty amount of traffic because of all the students going back to Malta at once, but you're also guaranteed a minimum of 30 minutes in the ferry queue itself.

Not to mention, the absolute worst feeling in the world...spending 45 minutes in the ferry queue only to be rejected at the very end and have to wait for the next one.

Nightmare 😭

We hope you have a blast this Carnival 🎉

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