• Corrine Zahra

9,000+ Active Cases: But Here’s Why It’s OK Not To Care Anymore

2 Years Of COVID-19

Our lives changed when Malta announced its first cases of COVID-19. We knew that things were going to change for sure - we just had no idea how.

Society has become more anxious & anti-social. Everyone was affected in some way by restrictions. People now tend to stay indoors more often - plus we’re all constantly on our phones & laptops.

Now that we’re facing this phase when things are starting to “go back to normal”, many of us can’t grasp what “normal” feels like.

The Numbers Are Normal

At the beginning of the pandemic, 10 cases seemed like plenty. Yet now, we're seeing 500, 600, or 700+ per day without batting an eye.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has reported that hospitalisations & the death rate are both decreasing in Europe.

The rise in cases is normal since restrictions are easing & the majority of people are fully vaccinated. COVID-19 will continue to exist whether we like it or not.

We cannot expect to live in a world without any COVID-19 cases.

We Cannot Live In Fear

Our lives cannot be controlled by this virus anymore. The world is too frustrated & fatigued carry on living like this.

Yet for us to move forward & improve our economies & lives, it’s how we view COVID-19 that has to adapt. We cannot fear it anymore - really it’s just another virus.

The point of having the vaccine is for us to learn to live with the virus. To remain stuck in a pandemic out of fear of the virus’ existence just doesn’t make sense long-term.

The virus will continue to exist among us, and so moving towards “normal” will be weird.

Growth, Strength & The Future

There’s a lot we can learn from the pandemic. Among many examples, we learned how authorities can quickly take away some of our basic freedoms. We also learned a lot about how we consume information online.

The pandemic has also made us very aware of how we need to appreciate the people around us when life gets a little bleak.

The future is still unclear. It won’t be an easy transition, yet we’ve managed to make our way through the pandemic, so we can get out of it stronger than ever too.


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