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8 Ways Students In Malta Can Stand Out In A Job Interview & Kick-Start Their Career 👩‍💻

As part of FreeHour's Careers Month, we've been hard at work creating some super useful content for all of you looking to find your first proper job or career upgrade - as well as a new section on our app allowing you to submit CVs & even book interviews with local brands!

Time To Get Hired 🎓

Read on to find loads of practical tips on how you can excel and maximise your chances of getting hired in your next interview. Cashflow incoming!

1. Context Is King 👑

Understanding exactly what you're applying for is vital. If you know what your potential employers are looking for, you can act in a way that highlights why you're suited for the role.

Look through the job description & come up with multiple examples from your life that would qualify you as a great candidate and prove that you are built for the job. Applying for a secretarial job? Talk about how your school notes are religiously colour coded etc.

Takeaway: Preparation is half the battle, remember examples that match the role.

2. Speak Your Mind 🧠

Following on the previous point, you should spend a good chunk of time practising your answers out loud. This adds yet another layer of preparation and confidence to your speech.

You'll find that you'll get more and more comfortable around the topics you discuss, you'll also think up a couple of new points as you go.

After practising out loud to yourself or friends and family - the interview will be just another conversation, allowing you to be much calmer in the moment. Just don’t robotically blurt out your answers when you’re actually asked in the moment - pretend to think about the answer!

Takeaway: Practice speaking out loud to get comfortable speaking with confidence.

3. Don't Forget The Basics 👔

First things first, you have to smell good. No questions asked. Second up, make sure you dress appropriately, not too casual, but not too smart. Make sure you have a firm, confident (and well sanitised!) handshake, and always be courteous and polite.

Leave 40 minutes to an hour ahead of time (depending on where you live) and make sure you're on time, early if possible. Being charismatic is also important, but if you struggle with that, at least try to relax and be yourself.

Lastly, don't forget the details. Shine your shoes, make sure your nails are clean & tidy and maintain solid eye contact throughout the interview.

Takeaway: Make sure you're clean, on time, smell nice, and you come across positively.

4. Don't Just Sit Still, Fire Back 😉

Interviews shouldn't just be about the employer qualifying you, you should also spend some time (respectfully) qualifying them. Ask questions about the work environment, what kinds of benefits they offer, and how they help employees progress through the company.

This not only shows that you're taking the opportunity seriously, but it shows that you won't just take any job you can get, you have certain standards that should be respected. No one likes an employee that lacks a backbone.

Takeaway: Ask smart questions that reinforce you as a serious candidate.

5. Bring Some Supplies ✍️

Take at least 4 copies of your printed CV in case of multiple interviewers - not Europass if possible, standing out is important. You can actually make use of our official FreeHour CV Template that we made for you here.

Use the CV copies when talking about yourself, referencing specific accomplishments & points and expanding on them into a discussion. Make sure to stay concise though.

Bring a pen and a small notebook to take notes too, this again shows that you're a responsible person who's taking the opportunity seriously.

Takeaway: Print out copies of your CV, bring a pen and paper to take notes.

6. Be Authentic 💯

Being genuine during an interview is a great way to be more relatable to your potential employers. At the end of the day, you want them to like your personality, not to mention that being honest and authentic are excellent ways to convey that you're trustworthy,

You should also focus on maintaining positive body language, along with an upbeat attitude and a smile, to keep the conversation light and constructive.

Takeaway: Be genuine, be yourself, smile & stay positive.

7. Look In The Right Places 🧐

The new FreeHour Careers Month is offering our students the opportunity to send out their CVs as well as land interviews with a variety of different employers. We've also packed our app with loads of useful content to fully prepare you to land your dream job.

Also, we have a specific Student Jobs Tab, powered by KeepMePosted with jobs that are specifically handpicked for students at every skill level.

Takeaway: Look for jobs in the right places, namely our in-app Student Jobs section & fresh Careers Section!

8. Don't Forget The Usual Suspects 🤓

Stereotypes exist because something has happened so often that it becomes a 'meme' - in light of this, be very ready for questions like "tell us about yourself" or "what's your biggest weakness?" these questions are stereotypes because they get asked, often.

Thankfully though, that's a good thing, because it means you have time to prepare. Follow all the above steps, and spend a good amount of time looking up common interview questions.

You're gonna ace this 😎

Deloitte's Tip: Do you research 🔎

Research, research and more research - while preparing for your interview and during your training. Set aside some time to research the company & its services, products, customers.

This strategy will give you an edge in understanding and addressing the employer's needs during your interview, and it will show you're a cut above the rest on your first day at work.

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