8 Unique Spotify Playlists To Help Maltese Students Survive Past Paper Stress 🎧

What's worse than studying? Studying in silence.

Okay fine some people don't mind the silence, but for us other students that aren't clinically insane...the following are a collection of playlists of different styles and genres to help you focus 😊

(Click titles or photos to be linked to the tunes 😉)

1. Chilled Jazz 🎷

Never given Jazz a chance? You should. It's relaxing and calm, slow enough to give your brain space to breathe & think, plus it really sets the mood. This playlist is curated by Spotify and comes in at almost 9 hours long, so you can just throw it on and your music is sorted.

Anti-anxiety music is the best for stressful topics 😅

2. Peaceful Piano 🎹

With over 5.6 million followers, this is the most-followed Spotify-curated study playlist, so you might want to give it a shot. Peaceful Piano gives you exactly what you might expect: 10 hours of beautiful, soothing harmonies to comfort your brain as you focus on your syllabi.

These tunes are varied enough to keep your mind happy, while lowkey enough that you won’t be distracted, the black and white keys will simply fade into the background.

3. Natural Getaway 🌴

A bit of an unconventional option here, but everyone's different so maybe it'll work for you. Why not reconnect to your roots as you study? Believe it or not, our mind is subconsciously triggered to relax when it thinks it's in nature, since that was our ancestors' home for thousands of years.

This can also serve as a post-study meditation playlist if you're into that kinda thing 😇

4. Chill Lofi Study Beats 🎶

If you’ve gone on YouTube at any point in the last year, you’ve almost definitely seen a video suggested to you with this exact title. These sounds are basically melodic white noise, giving you super smooth and gentle vibes.

5. Modern Movie Soundtracks 🎬

This playlist has more of a modern touch. With recent movie soundtracks as well as modern instrumentals to really put you in the zone.

It's called the "Superior Study Playlist" for a reason 😅

6. Classical Studies 🎼

Classical music might not be your usual go-to, but this playlist's 2 million followers may disagree with that. This genre is good for students doing long & intense study sessions.

Also again, believe it or not, studies have actually shown that listening to classical music can help increase your brainpower when trying to absorb information. Check it out!

7. House Focus ⚡️

Like house music? This is another Spotify original, a playlist that's over 6 hours long and features the most up to date songs in its genre, instrumental house. The beats are super catchy on this one and are sure to give you some good vibes.

8. Trap Beats 🌊

Trap music is the mainstream nowadays, so you're probably already comfortable with this kind of sound. I listen to this one myself quite often, a perfect option for late-night studying.

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