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8 Unique & Affordable Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Students This Christmas 🎅

Shopping Struggles? 🤔

If you've got a Secret Santa coming up & you're unsure on what to get, you're in luck...

We've linked every single item in their respective product photos AND each link goes to the Amazon Germany website, meaning you'll save loads of money on shipping.

Enjoy 🥰

#1 - Coffee To Go ➡️

For all the coffee or tea fanatics out there, this gift is perfect.

The cup is made of silicone and is reusable & collapsible, meaning it's very portable and can be fit almost anywhere! The cup also serves as a flask that ensures your cold drinks stay cold and your hot drinks stay hot 🧊 🔥

#2 - A Fully Equipped Nap Kit 😴

Is your friend addicted to taking naps? Do they do it like it's their full-time job?

This fully inclusive nap set comes equipped with a memory foam neck pillow, earplugs, a sleeping mask and a portable travel bag! This is perfect for in-between lectures when you're out and about, orrrr long car rides 🚕

#3 - Can't Go Wrong 💰

Want to take the safe route and get something you know they'll love?

Get an ASOS digital voucher!

Note: If you're meeting up to exchange these Secret Santa gifts, I'd suggest you get the digital voucher delivered to your personal email, then just forward that email to your friend at the time of gift exchange - as ASOS don't allow the voucher to be sent at a custom time.

#4 - Sound-Activated Mood Lighting 🎶

You may have seen these on TikTok, if not, you're in for a ride. These lights are probably the best value lights on the market at the moment, with tonnes of cool features.

They've got a wide range of brightness options, a full-colour wheel made of 16 million colour options, can be switched to music mode which makes them light up on beat AND you get to control all of the above from one easy to use mobile app. They're great.

#5 - A Mini Pancake Maker 😍

Everyone loves some tasty baked goods, but hates the hassle of making them...soo here's your solution...You can make 6 quick and easy pancakes all in one go with this option!

Bonus: You can also check out the mini-waffle maker & popcorn machine 🥰

#6 - Boozy Brunch 🍷

Is your friend a lowkey drunk? Do they like wine or vodka just a little too much? Well, here's a cookbook that's perfect for those morning afters that they'll know all too well...

The Hungover Cookbook is a handy guide full of tasty recipes aimed at curing your alcoholic stupor, with some hilarious tests to see how drunk you still are sure to get you smiling!

#7 - A Lion Lookalike 🦁

This faux lion mane make dogs look 10x cuter (and funnier) than usual, sounds impossible I know. If your friend or family member has a lil doggo that they love to bits, they'd probably enjoy some doggy decorations too!

Bonus: This gift can also keep the dog warm in the cold winter months 😁

#8 - Custom Socks

If all else fails, you can't go wrong with custom socks.

Whether you get your face printed, so your friends can never get rid of you, orrrr you choose the heartwarming custom dog or cat option - they'll love this one 😅

Hopefully, That Helped 😅

We tried to offer a wide range of gift ideas, from useful to the ridiculous...hopefully you managed to find something in this list - or at least some inspiration for what you could get!

If not, stay tuned, FreeHour's got a few exclusive recommendations coming up soon 😉

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