8 Highly Rated Netflix Films For Students In Malta To Cuddle Up To During Quarantine 🍿

After spending some time on the best shows you can watch during quarantine, we're back to give you some great recommendations for films too!

The genres in the coming films range from thriller, to romance, to biographical, to bank heist.

Bonus: There's a trailer in every entry for your convenience! Enjoy ❤️

#1 - The Platform 🔪 (2020)

This Netflix original movie is a dark and nerve-wracking thought experiment, set in a cruel and futuristic prison.

After our main character discovers that less and less food is given to those in lower levels of the prison, he takes it upon himself to bring back equality, but his moral backbone doesn't always mix well with those desperate for survival...

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 1 hour & 34 minutes

#2 - I, Tonya ❄️ (2018)

Margot Robbie stars in this chilling true story, following the rise to fame of world-famous ice-skater Tonya Harding, who became the first American woman to complete a triple axel in an official competition.

Unfortunately, Tonya's journey is a complicated one. Although she's amazingly talented, the people around her sometimes don't have her best interests at heart 😟

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2 hours & 1 minute

#3 - Uncut Gems 💎 (2019)

This film is one of the rare moments that Adam Sandler plays a serious role and he kills it.

He plays the role of Howard, an eccentric jeweller in the heart of New York City's Diamond District, where big money exchanges hands on a daily basis.

While Howard is a lovable character, he tends to take some very bold risks when it comes to paying back debts with money that isn't his...

Non-stop action, fascinating characters and excellently written & directed. You'll love it.

Genre: Crime

Runtime: 2 hours & 15 minutes

#4 - The Irishman 🇮🇪 (2019)

Loved Wolf Of Wallstreet? This film comes from the same director and is basically a modern-day rendition of the cult-classic "Godfather"

After getting involved with a family of American gangsters, Frank Sheeran (played by Robert Deniro), begins climbing the ranks alongside co-stars Joe Pesci & Al Pacino to become the top hit-man in town.

Pro-Tip: This film is quite long, so if you want, you can watch the film in episode form by stopping at specific points, shown below 👇

Genre: Crime / Drama

Runtime: 3 hours & 30 minutes

#5 - Marriage Story 💘 (2019)

Adam Driver ( the actor that plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars) and Scarlett Johansson come together in this in-depth take on an emotional and painfully difficult divorce.

This isn't just another sappy rom-com either, this film is for everyone. It's a heartfelt, meaningful story that serves as an important portrayal of the struggles between lovers & life.

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Runtime: 2 hours & 17 minutes

#6 - Oceans 11 💰 (2011)

Everyone is raving about the "Money Heist" series at the moment right? Well, if you like heists, this is the big daddy of all heist films. The one that started it all...

Join Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon in their prime as they form a ragtag team to pull off huge heists from three of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas.

If you love action, this one is a must-watch.

Genre: Action / Thriller

Runtime: 2 hours & 7 minutes

#7 - Spirited Away 👻 (2001)

Widely considered as one of the best animated films ever, if you're curious about what anime movies have to offer, this is the perfect place to start!

At it's core, Spirited Away is a magical and fantastical tale. The story follows a young girl as she tries to save her parents, in an adorable journey of hope & adventure. The film also gets thought-provoking, blurring the lines between what defines good and evil.

Genre: Anime / Adventure

Runtime: 2 hours & 5 minutes

#8 - John Wick 3 💥 (2019)

The John Wick series has given us 2 brilliant displays of cinematically superior action, this third instalment is no different, if anything it improves on its predecessors in many ways.

From high-speed fistfights on horseback, to bringing knives to gunfights & breaking necks with books - this will definitely be one of the best action movies you see for a while.

Plus, who doesn't love Keanu Reeves? (hint: no one because he killed them all 😂)

Genre: Action / Thriller

Runtime: 2 hours & 10 minutes

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