• Ryan Calleja Urry

77% Of Maltese Students Say That They Won't Be Travelling This Summer Despite Airport Re-Opening 🌎

Get your passports ready 👀

It has just been confirmed that as of 1st July, Malta's travel ban is officially being lifted.

But Will People Be Flying? ✈️

Well, according to our official FreeHour Instagram Poll - voted on by over 3,000 people - the answer is a resounding no.

It seems the majority of people are very much against this measure being reversed, with almost 80% saying that they won't be travelling in summer.

In fairness though, considering how hectic the world is right now as well as the potential of bringing home a deadly virus, I wouldn't blame you for not travelling. The question is, should others travel? Is it safe for people to be visiting our country and travelling to others?

To those of you that will be travelling, you're in our prayers 😅 Please don't make us all jealous by posting 10 times a day on your Instagram story!

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