• Ryan Calleja Urry

7 Ways Students In Malta Can Upgrade Their Bedroom During Quarantine 👩‍💻

Considering you're spending loads of time in your bedroom right now, what better way to cheer yourself up in quarantine than giving it a little upgrade? 🤩

So, we've made a handy little list of products for you to browse, each is linked to amazon just in case you feel like making a purchase! (we've also gone through the trouble of making sure they're linked to Amazon Germany - so you get cheaper prices on shipping)

1. Level Up The Vibes 🌌

If you haven't seen these on Tik-Tok, they're called Galaxy Projectors.

Basically, they just turn your room into one big vibe - perfect for contemplating your thesis responsibilities at 1 am - just add some Frank Ocean to the mix and you're set 🥰

2. Comfort Is King 🛋

You know you love bean bags, everyone loves bean bags. This one is extra-large so you can unwind and stretch to your heart's content 😇 Not enough? Pick up the specially designed cuddling pillow - made to solve the problem of big spoon's arm going numb 😅

3. Voice-Powered Mood Lighting 🚨

If the Galaxy Projector is too much for you - you can buy these more lowkey smart-lights that change color via app! Plus, if you invest in an amazon's Echo Dot (another great way to modernise your room) then you can control the lights using just your voice! The future is now.

4. OCD Organisation 📐

Whether you want to perfectly organise your underwear or t-shirts with this handy divider, display your book collection in a unique & stylish way - or add some minimalist hooks to your wall to hold your keys / jackets - these items are sure to make your room look way cleaner!

5. Release Your Inner Nerd 🤓

These two accessories are pretty cool ways of showing your interests. The light-switch is a subtle reference, while the shield serves as one of the coolest night lights you'll find on the market. Marvel vs Star Wars - the choice is yours.

6. Keep Your Stuff Safe 🔐

Have a nosy sibling? Want to make sure your valuables will never get lost or misplaced? You should consider getting a safe. They aren't expensive at all, and putting your mind at ease that your prized possessions are protected is a priceless feeling. Thank us later 😉

Looking to upgrade your desk with some gadgets next?

We've got a great list for that too 😅