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7 Top-Tier Tips That Every Aspiring Or Established Freelancer In Malta Needs To Know 😍

If you're a creative, strap in 😎

Below are a quick collection of tips for beginners and professionals alike, matched with multiple practical examples and a few excellent services you can make use of, enjoy ❤️

#1 - In The Information Age, Ignorance Is A Choice 📲

Real knowledge is knowing the extent of your ignorance. Today, we are fortunate enough to live in a world where the skillsets of masterclass performers can be readily learned all over the internet, oftentimes for free.

Plenty of websites offer fully detailed courses that come equipped with high-level certifications that'll look great on your portfolio.

Lynda, Skillshare and Udemy are fantastic options. However, do not underestimate YouTube.

#2 - Context Is Key 🔑

Ever tried to buy a pizza from an ice-cream shop? Probably not. (that would be super convenient though, someone please steal that idea). What I'm saying is, if you look in the right places, you multiply your chances of landing jobs that actually pay well.

Different freelance roles tend to have their own unique job-seeking sites, so make sure you find the one that best suits your skills.

Designers, for example, can use 99designs & dribbble to find jobs very easily, whereas writers or web developers may get better results searching on Upwork or Freelancer.

#3 - An Improvement Mindset First 🎯

Even if you're just an individual freelancer, treating yourself like a business is essential. In other words, adopt habits that allow you to regularly review & improve your workflow.

One example would be to reserve just 20 minutes at the end of each workday for reviewing what went wrong, what went right, and why. This will dramatically increase your self-awareness & allow you to make connections that significantly increase your efficiency.

A fun and easy way to do this would be through "Daylio" - a journaling app that allows you to regularly track habits and goals, as well as jot down notes on the day's positives & negatives.

#4 - Prioritise A Positive Workspace 😁

Your mental state plays a vital role in maintaining your motivation. Keeping positive & focused on your goals is super important, but so is the environment you surround yourself with.

If home is an unhealthy space for you, full of distractions, try checking out co-working cafes.

A co-working cafe is a public office space that offers food & drinks. 230 Works for example, is a local establishment based in Mosta that has everything you'll ever need.

#5 - Establish Your Online Presence 🌐

If you want to maximise your ability to get jobs, you have to stand out. It's that simple.

Here's how you do it:

Step 1 - Create a website to act as your portfolio / CV ( via Wix or SquareSpace )

Step 2 - Depending on your craft, create a matching social media presence. Designers do great on Instagram, Writers thrive on Medium, Videographers excel on YouTube.

Step 3 - On launch, upload a base amount of content ( 9 Insta posts / 4 blog entries / 4 YouTube vids ), so that when employers click your socials, they can immediately see what you have to offer.

Make sure your website and socials reflect your personality, make sure they show off your full range of abilities, and make sure you stand out.

#6 - Build Convincing Case Studies 📊

At the front of every New York Time's best-selling book comes a quote from a well-established person in the industry, this isn't done by accident. People trust recommendations.

So, when you finish a project, ask your client for a testimonial. Something that you can put on your portfolio alongside the work you created for them. Show other clients how your work has positively affected brands, through real stats and results.

Tips like these ensure that you master the back-end business side of freelancing, not just the creative aspect. You will need both sides of the coin to be successful.

#7 - Complacency Kills ⚠️

Remember to always be on the lookout for jobs, even if you have clients. Jobs can disappear out of nowhere for a number of reasons: a drop in budget, a change in brand direction, or even a change in management.

You can't put all your eggs in one basket, ever.

Apart from applying to places online, you can also make use of spaces in Malta where business people tend to hang out. In fact, the aforementioned 230 Works is a great example, where you can network & conveniently host meetings in their private rooms.

(they also conveniently have a discount 👇 )

Bonus! - Time To Save Some Cash 💸

For just €2.50 / hour, come on over to 230 Works & enjoy a peaceful co-working spot with unlimited coffee, tea, snacks & free Wi-Fi 💛

The rate is also set to a maximum of 4 hours, meaning you'll never spend more than €10!

Above all - choose your niche and master it.

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.” - Bruce Lee.

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