• Ryan Calleja Urry

7 Stereotypical Lecturers That You've Come Across Over The Years 🎓 👿

After covering the 6 Stereotypical Students, I think it's only fair that we show some love to our fellow lecturers too.

In the name of having a little fun (again), I'm going to be giving these stereotypes names - if your lecturer is one of the below stereotypes - you can now rename them 😅

1 - Mr Robert - The Short Fuse 😡

Teachers get pissed, we've all experienced this. Sometimes there's just that one teacher that loves a good ole rant though....every, single, time. Robbo will start off complaining about how no one pays attention and finish 20 minutes later talking about the socio-economic state of Malta's politics and how the police have given him 3 incorrect parking tickets and his cat has an allergy that's quite expensive to cure and how in some roundabout way it's all our fault.

Rob please don't disrespect the clipboard

2 - Mr Mario - No F*cks Left To Give 😂

We all love these teachers. They do their job and get work done, but also let the class do whatever they want. Back in JC, I had a lecture where we would literally all play poker together on our phones in an online multiplayer lobby, and Mr.Mario would just keep talking to the 3 students in the front row without a care in the world. He even played a couple of rounds with us after we did well on our tests one day, what a legend.

3 - Mr Daniel - The Repetitive Teacher 😴

These are the teachers that tend to repeat. They reiterate many things over and over during lessons. They often say the same thing more than once. Repetitive teachers also have a tendency to repeat things. The worst thing about these teachers is their repetitive nature.

make it stoooop

4 - Ms Rachelle - The Strict One 😒

Don't get me started on Ms Rachelle. I shudder at the thought. She takes attendance like her life depends on it and disallows anyone from entering class if they're more than 5 minutes late. No one can leave her lecture even a second early, or drink at their desks, or go to the bathroom pretty much ever. Oh and please don't ask too many questions. Just shut up, listen, and don't poke the beast.

5 - Ms Jessica - The Comedian 🤣

I'm not being sarcastic here, Jessica is actually pretty funny. I know, not super common with lecturers, but it happens. A few teachers are really cool 'n' casual and make the class laugh often, in fact, they tend to do that in reference to the subject matter as a way to keep us students engaged. Smart move Jess, smart move.

6 - Mr Joe - The One That Actually Cares 😍

You get along super well with Joe. Not only does he keep lessons interesting, but he answers all your questions, explains concepts intelligently, is super patient and always ready to re-explain, and gives out a minimal amount of tasks/assignments. He's also just an overall cool dude that's hella chill. Keep up the vibes Joe.

7 - Ms Marija - The Assignment Demon 👿

"Oh class and before you leave..." - *gives out 7 pages of algebra*. Ms Marija is the polar opposite to Mr Joe, she just can't help herself. It's terrible. Every time I walk in the lecture room I know I'll be walking back out with another half-page of to-do's that I need to finish over the weekend. Ugh. Can't you just give us some video to watch or something? 😭

run away run away run away

Did we leave any teachers out?

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