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7 Of The CRAZIEST Things To EVER Happen On Halloween 👽 🦇

Coincidence? We think not 🕵️‍♂️

Halloween is supposedly the scariest night of the year, and honestly, the fact that thousands of children are running around outdoors at once is pretty terrifying in itself 🧟

Behind the scenes though, there have been some dodgy events going down, dodgy enough to keep you up at night, read on to find out about some of the real horrors of Halloween! 🎃

#1 - The Candy Man 🍬

In Halloween of 1974, 8-year old Timothy was trick or treating with his father who had volunteered to take him out that night. Unfortunately, Timothy never made it home, he died after eating a Pixy Stix which had been laced with the poisonous chemical "cyanide"...

It later came out that Timothy’s own father who took him out that night, was accused of giving his son the poisoned candy, as a part of a desperate plan to collect $20,000 from his son's life insurance plan 😱

#2 - Alien Takeover 🛸

Back in Halloween of 1938, CBS radio in America were running their usual music schedule, which was suddenly interrupted by a strange recording 👽

"Martians have invaded New Jersey"

12 million listeners started to freak, in fact, 1 in 10 people believed it was true! Millions of people were running out of their houses scared to death💀 Little did they know it was a radio play of "War of the Worlds" which was being put on by screen actors - though very few people were aware of this 😅

#3 - The Mysterious Death Of Houdini 💨

In 1962 on Halloween a great illusionist was lost - Mr Harry Houdini.

Houdini was world-renowned for his insane escapee acts. Though on this Halloween night he died of a ruptured appendix, due to being hit in the stomach earlier in the day.

Many however, have claimed his injury was far from fatal - and instead blame spiritualists as they formed part of a pseudo-religion that Houdini was constantly trying to debunk.

Bit of a coincidence, no? 🤭

#4 - Be A Vampire Next Time? 🔫

Tip: Don't dress up as a skunk.

A 9-year-old girl managed to take Halloween up a level by being mistaken for a real skunk. In fact, her black and white costume was so realistic that it ended up causing her cousin to shoot her in the shoulder - thank god...she survived 😨

#5 - Hangry Killer 🍔

Maybe candy is to die for?

On Halloween 2011 a 55-year-old man realized someone had taken his candy bag. He believed it was his neighbours and blamed them for weeks - silently plotting his revenge.

Months later, those same neighbours were reported missing and found stabbed to death 😱

#6 - What Costume? 🤷

Right, little thing to note ✍️ NOT everyone on Halloween is wearing a costume✍️

When a Marine spotted another Marine out on the 31st in a wheelchair dressed in uniform he presumed it was a bad attempt at having a funny costume. This infuriated him - in fact, he got so angry he decided to attack the man in the wheelchair.

Later, the man found out it actually wasn't a joke and he genuinely was a marine 🙄

#7 - A Not So Loving, Love Triangle 💖

In 1957, when getting ready for bed, a couple was interrupted by their ringing doorbell🚪

Thinking it was trick or treaters the husband went to answer. Unfortunately, a mask-wearing adult shot him, quickly killing him. No this was not the angry ghost landlord but instead was the girlfriend of a woman, who had had an affair with the murdered man’s wife 💍

You would think she did this out of anger but no, wrong again. Instead, the woman had convinced her girlfriend to murder her husband so that she could have her all to herself 🤨


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