• Ryan Calleja Urry

7 Creative Techniques That Students Have Used To Cheat During Exams 😂

We do not condone cheating 👀

With that being said..., we thought we'd go through a few ways that students have done the deed in the past - from the funny & creative to the downright ridiculous...

Cheating is the art of not getting caught, If you get caught, we take no responsibility 😅

1. Under Wraps 💧

It's always important to stay hydrated during your exam, but what if your water bottle could serve another purpose too...?

In fact, the first entry on our list is when students write notes on the inside of their water bottle wrapper. Veerrryyy sneaky.

2. Bathroom Break 🚽

A classic among cheaters. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this being done by your friends. It's probably the most common and least risky way of cheating. Just make sure you don't go more than a couple of times otherwise invigilators are bound to suspect you.

3. Watch Your Back ⌚︎

you really should've studied

Somewhat of a new technique that students are starting to use is keeping notes on their smartwatch.

Careful though, this can look pretty suspicious & only works if you check your watch quickly & sparingly.

4. The Extra Sheet Solution 📝

A classic among cheaters, the trick here is to act as cool as possible.

You simply place your secret paper of notes in between the pages of your exam sheets.

Then, spend the rest of the exam acting like you're just reading your regular paper, when in reality you'll be reading your notes. It's genius really 😅

5. Calculating The Risk 🔢

One of my old class friends does this constantly. Basically he replaces his calculator with his phone and uses the calculator case as a cover - if you don't have a case though, probably a bad idea.

Also, don't use this trick in an English exam for obvious reasons - there are no equations to be done mid-essay 😂

6. Need A Hand? ✋

We've only heard of a few students brave enough to pull this one off, but it's been done.

Basically the method is to stuff your sleeve with a T-shirt to create a fake arm, while you use your real arm to check your phone for pre-written notes.

Highly dangerous tactic though, please don't try this.

7. Tissue Test 🤧

We'll end with the oldest trick in the book, naturally teachers have caught on to this one by now. What students do is just write notes on the inside of their tissues then fake like they're blowing their nose / sneezing. The level of creativity in desperate times is hilarious.

Again, we are NOT condoning cheating 😇 This article was for entertainment purposes only 👀