• Ryan Calleja Urry

7 Apps & Websites Students Need For Managing Their School/Life Balance 😬

This One's Super Helpful 😁

We love giving our community value, so this article is going to be dedicated to giving you guys and gals some recommendations that could really help you out in life - and we promise we aren't going to make FreeHour one of them (even though it maybe should be 😇)

#1 - Sleepyti.me - Web & Mobile App

Arguably the most important entry on our list, this is what's going to fix your mornings.

So, you know how sometimes you wake up super easily, and other times it would take an army of protein-filled gym bros to drag you out of bed?

That's because we sleep in cycles - and the only way to guarantee you can wake up easily every morning is to set your alarm to wake you up at the end of a cycle - so you aren't disturbed during a deep state of slumber.

I've been using this app on my phone for the past 3 years and it honestly works like a charm, would highly recommend.

#2 - Mint - Mobile App

Being conscious of where you're spending your money, and how much you're spending a week or a month, is especially important to know when you're tight for cash.

Mint is a free money-management app that lets you stay completely financially organised.

You can even get bill payment alerts and reminders; meaning when due dates are coming up or funds are low, they'll notify you 💸

#3 - Grammarly - Web & Mobile App

This one's a no brainer. You've probably seen the youtube ads, I have the app and I still see the youtube ads, but I'll mention it anyway.

It's perfect for students doing assignments, writing emails, or literally just using Facebook chat. It's basically the internet's best spellchecker and it's free.

There's no reason for you not to download this, so just do yourself a favour and never face the embarrassment of saying your instead of you're again 😏

#4 - DupliChecker - Web App

We all love a good ole' copy paste from time to time to finish assignments by deadline day, so this is a nice way to check which parts of your work need fixing.

A lot of the times you'll plagiarise things without even realising and have to reword, other times you'll just be trying to stay below the plagiarism cap in general. Either way, this helps.

For you uni students, this is a way better alternative to Turnitin, since if you create an account with DupliChecker, you can check for plagiarism up to 50 times a day, compared to the limited 2 times that you can check with TurnItIn.

Keep in mind that this service isn't perfect though, so don't use it as a crutch.

#5 - Nike Training Club - Mobile App

A great way of getting and staying in shape - Nike offers a wide variety of workout programmes for all training levels.

Their daily workout recommendations are led by world-class trainers and even have nutritional guides and information that helps you stick to your routines and fuel your body the right way. Definitely try this one out 🏄‍♀️

#6 - Wolfram Alpha - Web & Mobile App

Pure Maths students know what I'm talking about. This site is great for anything computational, and there's also a load of general knowledge you can search for too.

As a bonus, there's also a site that's essential for creating and testing graphs. as well as a great coding site with all available languages that allows you to test without an IDE - for all you programmers out there.

#7 - BlockSite - Web & Mobile App

Yes, it does exactly what you think, this one's for anyone struggling with Facebook or Instagram temptations.

Every time you check a message you force yourself to have to re-focus on work again, and knowing you, you'll stretch the convo out for hours just to avoid getting back to work 😅

So, save yourself the hassle and set aside specific times where all those distracting sites are blocked and you can focus on your work in peace.

They also have a mobile app which could be just as useful for you, and remember, the first step in beating a problem is acknowledging you have one! 💙

See? We can get through a whole article without mentioning FreeHour.

After all, it can't do everything...

Yet 😉