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60% Of Local Students Say They Got Poor Guidance When Choosing Their Subjects / Degrees 😠

Poll Results ✅

Last week, we released a story segment on our Instagram going through student issues with regards to the subject selection process - the following are some of our discoveries...

If You Were 13 Again Would You Pick Different Subjects?

Did You Get The Right Guidance When Picking Your Subjects?

Poll Data Analysis 🧠

It seems that a very significant number of students regret the path they chose, with more than half (58%) of our audience saying they’d pick different subjects if given the opportunity. This stat actually makes sense, considering that 60% of our student audience also claim that they didn’t receive the right guidance when making their choices...

We thought we'd ask students exactly what was lacking, here's what they had to say 👇

Hindsight Would Help 😅

To the students who've been there and done that, we also asked what they wished they knew before they started their journey, in order to give some insight. Here are your best tips 👇

FreeHour's Advice 🙏

Unsure on what path you want to take? Thinking of switching subjects? We highly recommend seeking guidance from potential schools before making your decision.

With regards to potential University Of Malta students, you can visit their Student Advisory Services page, scroll down and benefit from:

  • Booking a Career Guidance Appointment

  • UM’s FindYourCourse Generator

  • Or contacting 2340 3096

Take your future seriously & make an educated decision!

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