• Ryan Calleja Urry

6 Tips Students In Malta Need To Boost Their Productivity This Year 😁 ⏰

With the new school year now underway, you're going to need to perfect your work routine. There are loads of articles floating around online about how you can work smarter instead of harder, so we've saved you the trouble and compiled our favorites into this handy list of pointers.

1. Do The Most Important Things First❗️

Pretty self-explanatory one here - this works because you usually have the most energy when you start working not halfway through or towards the end. Once the essentials are done, everything else you do is a bonus, helping to make sure you don't fall behind.

2. The 5P Formula ➗✖️

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, apply this to everything you do. Plan out your tasks for the day, rank them in terms of priority, decide when you're going to do each, and set reminders so that you always know what you have to be doing. You can do all of this in like 10 minutes while you're eating breakfast, and it'll save you a lot of time later in the day.

3. Create Simple Positive Habits ⏰

There are a lot of ways you can improve. You could probably be eating healthier, you could probably be drinking more water, working out more, etc. A good way to implement this is to create recurring alarms that remind you of a positive task you could do. For example, set an alarm for every Tuesday to make a fruit smoothie at 4 pm, or set a daily alarm at 6 pm to do 10 pushups. Simple things, plus, the more comfortable you become with these small habits the more likely you'll be to do even more.

4. Assign Tasks To Specific Days To Avoid Procrastination ✅

Assigning to-do's can be a great cure if you tend to put things off, allowing you to rest assured that whatever task has popped up now has an exact day that it's going to be tackled. Have a project that's due? Slot it in for this Friday at 2, easy. You can also do this with recurring tasks: Mondays you wash your car, Thursdays you catch up on Netflix, Sundays you talk to your parents for more than 25 seconds, etc...

5. Listen To Podcasts During Dead Zones 🎧

Dead zones are those times where you can't really be productive, like while you're driving or catching the bus. Music is great, trust me I'm a huge fan, but once in a while you could switch over to podcasts like Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu or On Purpose by Jay Shetty to learn something when you otherwise wouldn't have. They're both great and regularly interview top performers in all industries that give very insightful perspectives on attaining success. Why not learn from the best that have been through it already?

6. Turn. Off. The Damn. Phone. 😩

It's no big deal to just "reply to one message" until that one message becomes a 3-hour long conversation. Usually, when we use our phones we're in a cycle of, "just one more" until it's the end of the day and you've done nothing except empty your fridge of all available calories.

Instead, commit to a couple of hours of silence then use your phone when your work is done. Try to negotiate with the little procrastinator in your head by rewarding yourself when your

to-dos are done, this way you have something to work for.

resist the temptation

If you enjoyed these tips, try to apply some to your daily routine!

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