• Ryan Calleja Urry

The 6 Stereotypical Students You're Going To Meet This Year 😨 😂

With the new semester finally here, you're gonna be meeting a few new people in your classes, and most of them are gonna have some classic student tendencies. We all know a few of these students, if you don't, chances are you're one of them yourself.

In the name of having a little fun, I'm going to be giving these stereotypes names - if your friend is one of the below stereotypes - you can now rename them 😅

Luke - The Procrastinator That Gets The Pass 😡

We all know a Luke. They suck. Lukes are those people that put in zero effort throughout the year, yet still, somehow pass their tests and assignments. There you are slaving away day after day on every possible test question that could come out, and Luke just strolls in after a single all-nighter and literally almost does better than you. Shit's crazy


just do it - tomorrow

Amy - The Teacher's Pet 😇

There's an Amy in almost every class. She's not only asking all the questions, but answering most of the teacher's questions too. Somehow these creatures actually enjoy the subjects they're studying, scary to think about I know. To be fair though, their crime-scene investigator style of questioning usually leads to you understanding something you didn't at first, so maybe cut them some slack.

Kyle - The Back Of The Class Napper 😴

I've done this at the front of the class too, so I'm definitely a Kyle. Sometimes sleeping on the bus just isn't enough, and my desk feels sooo comfortable, and this S.O.K. lecture is just sooo boring that I just drift away to a less stressful place. In my defense, I wasn't always like this, but those 6am mornings really bring out my inner Kyle, especially if it's the first lecture.

a tempting plan

Mark - The Copy Cat 😼

Mark loves to do as little work as possible, he could take down notes in class and pay attention, but honestly, he'd rather just reply to his Insta DM's and ask for your notes when he gets home. Mark also loves to ask for help on assignments, and by 'help' I mean he's going to ask for your entire project so he can tweak two words and get you both screwed.

they're like mosquitoes you have to swat away

Sarah - Consistently Arriving 19 Minutes Late ⏳

Some people just aren't punctual, like at all. In case you're a fresher and didn't know, lecturers can deny you entry if you arrive 20 minutes late, so Sarah makes it a point to always be late, but never too late. Whether she spent a little too much time on her make-up, or just couldn't care less about this week's algebraic equations, Sarah runs on her own time.

arriving on time vs one more episode

Emma - The Girl That Leaves The Exam Sobbing Then Gets A 98.

Last but not least, it's Emma. She's spent hours and hours a day studying and practicing leading up to her exam. She finally sits down at her desk and starts working. She's overthinking a lot but getting through most of the questions without much trouble. Then, the question she was terrified of appears, The one topic she forgot to cover.

She spends the rest of her time panicking and rewriting her answer until all of a sudden her time's up. She's distraught. She's now crying on your shoulder, muttering her answer over and over as you wonder how she could possibly care this much about a 3 mark question.

please just calm down

Did any of these names ring true to you? Are you going to be renaming any of your friends?

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