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6 Of The Biggest & Best Reasons To Join Deloitte As A Graduate 😎

The Time Is Now 💡

Deloitte is currently looking to onboard graduates who are keen to kickstart their career. A fantastic company culture, with loads of unique benefits awaits! Here's a taste of what Deloitte has to offer for new employees:


#1 - Stellar Reputation & Unrivalled Client List 🌟

Deloitte have earned Malta tax firm of the year in 2020, and have also won it many times in the past. They've been awarded amongst Fortune’s best workplaces for 2020, Strongest & Most valuable ‘Commercial Services’ Brand for the third year running.

What's more? 82% of the Fortune Global 500 companies are on Deloitte's client list.



#2 - Constant Personal & Professional Growth ❣️

Deloitte foster a culture of continuous learning & growth. Career progression is one of the top priorities for their staff members. Employees have access to unlimited resources to continue developing and learning, throughout their career.

They also make it a point to recognise the excellence of their employees & team as a whole, through various awards & promotions.



#3 - International Work Opportunities 🌍

Deloitte offers loads of opportunities to work abroad through secondments, which are temporary transfers of employees to foreign countries.



#4 - A Culture Of Diversity & Inclusion 🤗

Deloitte understands the importance of diversity and the benefits, new ideas and perspectives it brings to the workplace. Currently, Deloitte Malta has employees that hail from about 30 different countries, with a 1:1 male to female ratio. Deloitte Malta also has an above average percentage of women in leadership. If you love to broaden your mind and learn from other perspectives - this is the place for you.



#5 - Leaves A Positive Impact In The Community ✅

Deloitte’s motto is ‘Make an Impact that Matters’ – and that includes positive societal impact. The Deloitte Foundation was recently launched and it is a branch that focuses on offering positive and enduring social support, on a regular basis on behalf of the entire company.

This means that when you’re working at Deloitte you’re also supporting a better future not just for you and your team, but for the rest of society too.



#6 - Flexible & Competitive ⏱

Deloitte know how important work/life balance is, which is why they make sure to offer flexible working hours that suit you and your schedule.

They also make it a point to organise all-inclusive team-building events on a regular basis to.



Get Started ASAP! 👔

Deloitte have opportunities available in Malta & Gozo, for accountancy, economics and business & IT graduates.

Email mtcareers@deloitte.com.mt to get started.

Or you can visit their Careers page to learn more 🥰


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