• Ryan Calleja Urry

6 Hilariously Relatable Stereotypes That Every Junior College Student Has Been Through 😂 😩

You're probably reading this after yet another day of skipping lessons & failing tests, either that or you have your life together and we're all jealous of you 🙃

Regardless of how well you do at JC though, here are a few moments you've definitely experienced before...

1. Pure Maths VS Blue Bar 🤔

It's Monday morning, you just got to school and your nightmare of a lesson kicks off in 10 minutes, as you start walking up the haunting JC steps your favourite group chat buzzes with an invite to chill with your friends - what do you do?

What's even worse is staring at the foyer TV, desperately hoping to see your teacher's name pop up under "absent lecturers". More often than not, they aren't absent, are you going to miss the lesson anyway? Is it worth it?

Decisions 😂

And for my next trick, zero attendance 😌

2. Floor 4 Torture 😒

So not only do I have to sit through 2 hours of S.O.K. - but I also have to break a sweat and climb all the way up to the 4th floor to do it. Seriously?

Hmmm the lift is right there...maybe I can just...👀

Seriously though students should be allowed to use the lifts, at the very least to avoid me looking like this at 8 am 😂

3. 🔶 Pulse VS SDM 🔵

You're either a diehard supporter, or you couldn't possibly care less..

Either way though, you have to admit that election season is entertaining. From fights and loud crowds, to fake friends making fake conversations with you just to eventually suggest you vote for a certain candidate, to the climax that is election day.

This year was no exception, a dramatic draw in votes led to massive controversy with party members being escorted off the premises - wild 😂

barack is speaking facts

4. To spend or not to spend? That is the question... 💸

Whether you're a health-conscious foodie or just want to fit as many different oily bites in your stomach as possible - there've always been loooaaads of tempting food options around Junior College.

Obviously though, you can't buy food every day, considering you're broke AF. Buuuut that's not going to stop you from desperately wanting to do it anyway, after all, the same ham & cheese sandwich mums been making since kindergarten just isn't cutting it anymore 😂

not what it used to be :/

5. Quarter Life Crisis 🥴

Everything's fine. I'm fine. Just walking towards the bus stop after my 5 pm lecture. Sure there's a big crowd, sure the bus is going to be extremely claustrophobic yet again. I'm definitely not losing my mind 🙂

It's fine.

As you're busy reassuring yourself, you make eye contact with a lone pigeon that you realize has been staring at you all throughout your mini-breakdown. The pigeon looks worried about you. Either that or it's secretly planning to poop on your head, probably both tbh...

6. Keeping Your Balance ⚖️ 💰

We all miss a lesson from time to time, some of us even miss multiple lessons a day - this is where the delicate balancing act comes in. Obviously you'd rather die than attend 8 am Computing, we get it... but please think it through!

You've already missed about 7 lessons in the past 2 weeks, plus that was actually you on your best behavior, getting dangerously close to losing stipend should NOT be a hobby of yours. Anyways, if you lose your cash, how are you gonna buy all that amazing food? 😍

" MINE "

We all know JC isn't all bad tho - so enjoy your frees while they last & stay focused!

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