6 Hilarious Items Maltese Students Can Buy On Wish For UNDER €5 😂 😱

If you haven't heard of Wish, it's basically Amazon but everything is 1/8th the price. You can buy loads of different items at huge discounts, like huuuuuge discounts. Below is a short list of funny gag-items you can buy for you or for a friend. Thank us later.

( P. S . One of these items is over € 5...but it's well worth the pricetag 🤣 )

1. Finger Twister - €3

The classic twister game, with a twist. Duel your friends and loved ones in this heated battle of intellect and skill. A great option for parties and free lessons in the library 😅

2. Bottle Cap Gun - €3

Pretty self-explanatory one here, you just remove the bottle cap then voila - shoot it at people. Technology is truly incredible this century.

3. Vodka Bottle Earrings - €1

For our female audience that loves hitting the clubs on the weekends, this is a no brainer. Not only can you celebrate your love/hate relationship with vodka, but you can also level-up your outfit while you do it, very classy.

4. Rick & Morty Beanies - €2

For all you hardcore fans, this is actually a pretty cool option. Winter is approaching quick so beanies are always a cosy fashion piece, and why not rock out with some schwifty merch?

5. A Dad-Bod Fanny Pack - €8

If you're gonna sport a fanny pack, why not one that doubles as a good joke? These are hilarious as gifts, just make sure you don't get a ticket from the police for public indecency.

6. Electric Shock-Pen - €2

The age-old classic, these things are loads of fun. They're especially fun if you have friends that tend to steal your stationery. You can use this little trinket on anyone and the reactions will always be priceless, shocking even.

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Will you be buying any of the above items? If you do, post a video of you pranking a friend and tag us so we can Insta story it 🤣