• Ryan Calleja Urry

6 Essential Tips For Maltese Students Starting Sixth Form This Year 📚

It's a whole new world, you're a little nervous but you're also excited. Are you going to make new friends? Are you going to find a quiet hole to bury yourself in? Anything could happen. In terms of studies though, things are guaranteed to get tougher. In light of this, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Prepare for the workload ahead

I'm sure you've all heard how sixth form is a whole different beast to secondary school, and if you've ignored those warnings so far, it's time to get serious. The main change is that the responsibility has now shifted onto you, there are no more homework reports and no one's chasing after you to get your work done. If you don't hand in your assignments, that's on you, and that lack of practice will probably earn you a weaker grade when it matters most.

2. It's way easier to get distracted

The real issue for students is that sixth form adds the element of choice. Do I really need to go to that 8am lecture tomorrow? Should I miss Maths to catch up with all of Rebecca's gossip? Temptations are everywhere, the trick is to work on balance. There are always gonna be lessons that you miss here and there, just make sure that when you do miss, you catch up on exactly what was covered because those gaps of knowledge can easily pile up and leave you speechless during a test.

listen to the DJ.

3. Stipend management is key

Student life is fun, but broke student life can be a nightmare, so being careful about where you're spending is something you'll need to practice. Most schools have loads of food options around campus, and although that's always fun, getting into the habit of buying lunch every day can quickly leave your monthly stipend balance at 0. Apart from food, the many events targeted at students are also big problems for your wallet. Whether it be buying a whole new designer outfit, or a few dozen shots of tequila, we've all been there.

If you are going to spend regularly though, I'd strongly suggest you make use of the many offers that are added weekly in our in-app Student Offers tab, to help save you money on a lot of your purchases. You can also keep track of when your next stipend is coming in with our Stipend Countdown feature 🤑

which is better?

4. Have a to-do structure & system in place

Whether it's through your calendar, our Task Assignments feature, or simple pen to paper, this is a must-have. Your tasks are definitely going to pile up higher than they used to, and making sure you're aware of what's due and how much work is left for each subject is vital. This goes hand in hand with time management and target setting, stay organised.

don't let yourself get to this point..

5. Prioritise your sleep

All nighters aren't worth it. You need sleep to commit everything you've studied to memory, that's how the brain works, otherwise what you learn just fades away. Apart from this, lack of sleep leads to you having way less energy to get your shit done throughout the day, as well as putting you in an overall worse mood. This is not a problem you should have to deal with.

no one wants to be this guy, get enough sleep.

6. At the end of the day, it's all about managing your responsibilities

There's money, there's sleep, there's social life, and there's school. These are your main pain points. If you spend more time on one, another will suffer, and the need to manage all of these aspects will only get stronger each year that you progress towards uni. Make sure you have good organizational skills and planning systems in place, get that sorted ASAP. As much as all these things are important though try not to drain yourself with stress, you'll survive the ride, just make sure you have faith in yourself and work at it on a daily basis.

Best of luck.

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