• Ryan Calleja Urry

6 Classic Post-Exam Stages Every Maltese Student Goes Through When Starting Summer ☀️ 🍾

It's finally summertime 😎

Do you fit these stereotypes? Or do your friends? 😅

#1 - Post-Exam Hibernation 💤

After a relaxing sesh by the sea, you spend the end of your first free day carefully uninstalling every possible alarm-related app from your phone, locking your bedroom door and most importantly, shutting the blinds.

It's time to hibernate. It's time to sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 11 AM to catch up on all those lost hours of sleep, from the countless painful all-nighters.

#2 - The Long-Awaited First Żiblata 🍻

Should I go to District? A G7 event? Or maybe Surfside for some seaview tunes at their ALC music sesh? All I know is, I'm bringing the group chat, and we're getting destroyed...

2 Jack-Cokes and 5 Jagerbombs later, at around 2:12 AM, you remember to actually check your phone to discover between 3 to 50 missed calls from Mum (depending on how crazy she is) - thankfully though, you're wayyyy too drunk to panic 😅

#3 - Next Stop: Hangover Central 🥴

If the word regret could be expressed as a person, it would be the sight of me asleep backwards on my bed, wearing 3 different event wristbands, with drool on my pillow - after waking up at 1 PM. Sigh.

On the plus side, the emergency throw up bucket near my bed is empty, unfortunately though, I seem to have fallen asleep with my shoes on 🙄

#4 - Using Clothes To Solve My Problems 🛍

A few detox Eeetwell smoothies later and you're back up and running, now what better way to recover from an alcohol-induced coma than some retail therapy right?

Sooo, I need new shades, a couple new party outfits, and at least 3 designer accessories to keep up with Maxine's Gucci Gang drip.

Not that I care of course... 👀

#5 - How To Avoid A Broke Summer...🤑

Ziblata, check. Shopping spree, check. How else should I spend my time? Maybe a summer job? I mean yesterday's shopping spree did kinda dent my wallet so...

Thankfully (shameless plug) - FreeHour's student job section is being updated on a daily basis with jobs from every category, full & part-time. So there are plenty of options ❤️

#6 - Some Long Overdue Time With The Fam 👨‍👩‍👦

After a whole week with the bros / gals, not to mention the past 2 months you spent locked away studying, it's about time you actually had a conversation with your family that lasts longer than 7 seconds.

Whether it's a reunion lunch at nanna's, a boat day, a beach BBQ or Sunday walk, the post-COVID discussions about race relations & global pandemics are bound to be interesting 😅

Let us know how many of these you've been through in our comments & tag the friends you'll be sharing your freedom with 😁

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