• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Study Sessions This Exam Season 💡 ✍️

It's That Time Of Year Again 🙄

For many secondary, 6th form and university students, exam time is riiiiight around the corner. While that's not the best news, it's also an opportunity for you to make sure your school year goes great and you get the exact marks you need!

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep things interesting...


#1 - Forced Accountability 🧐

Find it hard to stay focused on your own? Add some healthy pressure with a couple friends on a Zoom call to keep you in check. This tends to help with keeping you accountable, it's way harder to zone out and watch youtube with your friends around...

Video calls not your thing? Meet up in person at a coworking cafe like 230 Works (more on this soon 😉) to increase your focus in person and work alongside your friends.


#2 - Bake Some Rewards! 🤩

I mean, this is definitely a great way to keep studying sweet 😅

There are few things more motivating than some delicious baked goods at the end of a study sesh...whether you opt for some chocolate brownies or maybe some banana bread - the choices are endless.

Once you're done baking, make sure to set some tasty checkpoints to get you through your studies. 1 hour of work = 1 slice of delicious cake.


#3 - Does 230 Work? ⏱

Looking for a change of scene? 230 Works are a local co-working space that offer free WiFi, charging sockets, cushioned booths, hot drinks & snacks! Want more? There's also an in-store Eeetwell offering delicious and HEALTHY food and drinks - from green smoothies to protein-filled wraps, bowls, salads and much more.

230 Works also have loads of books & board games for your breaks with friends AND private rooms that you can book ahead of time 😉

All of the above benefits come in at a very affordable €2.50 an hour for students, for free flowing drinks and snacks, and use of all 230's amenities! (There's a €10 cap, every hour after the 4th is completely free!)


#4 - Don't Put Down The Christmas Tree... 🎶

Sadly, Christmas only comes once a year, which means you usually only get a small window of time to play Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey and benefit from the festive cheer.

It's time to break that trend.

Keep the Christmas spirit alive this January and have your playlist of carols on repeat while you study! Considering you were hearing these tunes during your studies in December, you'll get right back in rhythm in no time!


#5 - Set The Mood 😉

Christmas carols not your thing? Put on some Jazz Vibes instead, light a Scented Candle, and get comfortable.

When you accept the fact that you have to study, and fully embrace it by creating your own personal cosy environment to work in, it can really help you get focused.

An added bonus to having a specific playlist and candle that you light when you work, is that your brain instantly recognises that it has entered "work mode" - which then makes getting into rhythm much easier 🥰


Stay Motivated 🙏

We know it's tempting to spend the start of your year staying warm by the heater - especially after all the December festivities - trust us we'll be doing that too...

Just try to fit studying in the mix! We believe in you.


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