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5 Ways APS Commits To Sustainability & How YOU Can Gain €50 By Simply Opening An Account 💸

A Bank That Cares 🥰

Today, we're covering a particularly eco-friendly brand, APS Bank & how they've dedicated their brand to being kinder to the planet.

We'll also be covering their latest Student Offer & how you can redeem your cash in just a few steps. Read till the end to find out how 💰

What's APS About? 🤔

APS is one of the longest established banks in Malta, and is a leading provider of all things finance. What really sets them apart though, is their strong commitment to sustainability.

With this environmentalist perspective in mind, APS are persistent in creating a better world for their employees & supporters. leading with the mission statement “contribution to environmental progress” - their priorities are clear.

5 Ways APS Commits To Sustainability:

#1 - Their ‘Eco Loan' project. This was their first evergreen loan, also being their first digital-only campaign. It was aimed at assisting & financing customers with the purchasing and installation of energy-saving or renewable energy systems ♻️

#2 - APS also make use of loads of recycled materials at their events - making use of recycled wood and plastics for their furniture and setup.

#3 - Another initiative was the launching of the PLA debit cards in 2019, which were made from 80% renewable resources, replacing the usual plastic used in their cards. They also increased the validity of the card from 3 to 5 years, decreasing their carbon footprint 👣

#4 - Malta's first-ever Sustainability Forum, was actually organised by APS, and was aimed towards raising awareness on sustainability and empowering citizens to make better decisions towards a more sustainable lifestyle 💪

#5 - Lastly, APS even have a sustainable Head Office, with the collection and use of rainwater throughout the building, and the use of lots of natural lighting - they're really trying to make a change 🔥 ♻️

The APS Virtual Account 💸

Interested in joining the green movement? if you signup for an account, you'll receive a FREE €50 in cash right after you receive the first stipend in your APS account.

The signup process is relatively simple, you'll be up and running soon enough.

Get your account here 👈

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