• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Useful Netflix Hacks To Let Students Watch Online With Friends, Compare Shows & Much More 😲 😎

For many of us, the usual routine is as follows: open up Netflix, fight your friends / family about why their film choice is obviously terrible for about 15 minutes, then reluctantly agree on some sort of compromise.

What if you could make choosing what to watch easier though? And what if you could watch one film with your whole group chat at the same time together? Hmmm... 🤔

#1 - Too Many Options 😰

Using this website, not only can you compare film ratings from multiple sources in one place (IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic & more) - but you can also compare storylines, genres, see the cast of each film, see exactly how long each film is AND see award wins / nominations.

In other words, the next time you get into that classic debate over what to watch, pull up this website to save yourself from watching another one of mum's romcoms 😂

#2 - Taste Reset 😲

Let's say you have an annoying sibling that's using your account, that means that your "Recommendations" from Netflix are getting messed up because of what they're watching.

Guess what though? you can actually edit your watch history and reset the recommendations you get!

Here's how:

1) - Visit netflix.com and log in 🤓

2) - Hover over your icon in the top right & click "Account" ⚙️

3) - Scroll down to "Profile" > click your icon > click Viewing Activity 🍿

Now you should have a full list of your history! To delete a show, just click hide.

#3 - Watch With Friends 😍

Netflix Party is a chrome extension that lets you create a private movie room for you and your friends. All you have to do is click the film / show you want to watch, send your friends a link, and boom you're all watching together - with a chat feature to boot!

This is great especially for quarantine, movie nights have never been easier ❤️

#4 - Chill Remote 😅 (App Store Exclusive)

Yep, you can turn your phone into a super convenient remote control, it's great.

All you have to do is download the "Chill Remote" app on your phone & computer - then connect them

This app also comes with the ability to see Netflix's "secret categories" 👀 Which are basically genres like "Basketball Movies" or "Mockumentaries" or "Dark Comedies"

They get pretty obscure so you can find exactly what you're looking for 😉

#5 - Marathons Made Simple 😅

Neverendingnetflix is a chrome extension that allows you to binge-watch effortlessly. You can skip all title sequences, play episodes automatically & even remove that annoying (and judgemental) "are you still watching?" message.

Yes Netflix, I am about to watch the 6th hour of this nature documentary. Get off my case 😡

Like these new hacks? 😍

Why not give them a try! We have great recommendations for films and series 😎