• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Tips For Maltese Students To Create The Perfect Cover Letter & Make Their CV Shine 💫

As part of FreeHour's Careers Month, we've been hard at work creating some super useful content for all of you looking to find your first proper job or career upgrade - as well as a new section on our app allowing you to submit CVs & even book interviews with local brands!

What Is A Cover Letter? 🤔

A cover letter refers to a document that's sent alongside your CV, and briefly introduces you as a candidate, as well as your skillset.

It's arguably the most important part of a job application, since it's the very first thing employers see...here are a few tips to writing your perfect cover letter!


1. No Mini-Cvs 🚫

When creating your cover letter, make sure that it's not just a shorter version of your CV. This will be a bit of a repetitive experience for your potential employer, instead, use your cover letter as an opportunity to tell them what your CV can't.

Show your passion and desire for the job, with unique and attractive copy.


2. Don't Take Up Too Much Time ⏳

Your cover letter should be easy to very easy to consume, after all, it's just an introduction.

Around 3 short paragraphs should be enough to answer the big questions; who are you? why are you applying? & why should they choose you?

Answering the above 3 questions concisely will set you up perfectly for employers to be interested in opening your attached CV.


3. It's About Them, Not You 😉

The worst mistake you can make when applying for a job is exclusively talking about why you want the job or why it would be great for your life.

The employer doesn't care about you, not yet at least, right now they only care about themselves. How can you help them? How would hiring you improve their life?

Talk in these terms to catch their interest.


4. Keep It Custom 🛠

Make sure you personalise each cover letter. If you want to maximise your chances of getting a reply, you need to make employers feel like you're talking directly to them. The way you do this is by tailoring each cover letter with details of the role and company you're applying to.

Be sure to foster a personal connection by sprinkling in information about the brand, it's goals and company culture. Be sure to also include certain keywords that were used in the job listing, and match your qualifications to the skills being asked for.


5. Find A Contact 📲

It's not always easy to find a contact person to address your cover letter to, but it's definitely worth trying. Be sure to look up the brand's Facebook, browse LinkedIn for people that work there or check their website.

Can’t figure out who the hiring manager is? Just start your email with, “Dear Hiring Manager

Also, if you have any contacts at the company who referred you to the job or are willing to put in a good word for you, be sure to mention them in the first paragraph of your email. This is another great way to gain an employer’s interest.


We Got You Covered 😉

Your cover letter is your first impression, the first point of contact between employee and employer, make it count and follow these tips!

You'll be hired in no time ✨


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