• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Study Environment At Home 🤫 🏡

Remove Distractions 🚫 Gain Focus ✅

Many people try their best to get focused - when instead what they should be doing is removing distractions. Funnily enough, when there's nothing around to distract you, focus almost comes automatically. With no distractions, there's nothing left to do but work.

The following points are focused on eliminating distractions and making your workspace a safe haven for getting sh*t done - enjoy 😉


#1 - Just You & The Books 🗣

The last thing you need while you're studying physics equations is your mum barging in your room asking for help on how to perfect her TikTok dance, so make sure you let both your parents know ahead of time that you'd like to be left alone for the day.

Also, if you have pets, this applies too. If they get bored they're gonna bug you till you play with them, and if you get bored you're gonna do the same thing, Trust us, lock Fluffy out.


#2 - Meal Prep ⏱

Another big source of distraction is food.

Be sure to have your meals scheduled and made ahead of time. You can treat your meals as breaks, but don't let those breaks take you out of your focus.

Be sure to keep a big bottle of water on your desk to stay hydrated as you go, as well as a blanket within reach just in case you get cold. Remember, the less you have to get out of your desk chair - the better.


#3 - Set Visible Targets 🎯

Creating 3 main goals for your study session is a great way to stay focused & on track - how do you apply this to improve your environment though? Well, firstly you can create a weekly schedule - so that every day you wake up you know exactly what needs to be done.

Then, you can also get an A4 paper, and fold it as shown below. Ggrab some highlighters and write your 3 goals in BIG TEXT. When you're done be sure to leave it extremely closeby so that it's always a visible reminder of what you need to get done today!


#4 - Comfort Is King 🤴🏻

A big contributor to you losing focus can simply be discomfort. Your back or even your neck can very easily start hurting mid-studying due to poor posture - avoid this by making sure you're sitting straight to begin with.

Be sure to stretch once in a while, and schedule in regular breaks so that you're not overworking yourself.


#5 - Space Matters 👽

Last but certainly not least, your desk.

Your workspace is the most important part of this puzzle. Make sure it's not just clean, but organise specifically for today's work session too. You want everything related to your 3 main goals within reach - getting up to rummage through bags and files is not the move.

Also, be sure that you don't study in bed, 2-hour naps are not ideal.


In The Zone 🧘‍♂️

You can end off the above tips by finding some dedicated study music, that doesn't have any distracting lyrics. Also, we didn't stress this point above because you should know it by now buuut - please turn off your phone!


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