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5 Things To Add To Your Morning Routine To Get An AMAZING Start To Your Day!! 😴 🤩

Rise & Shine 🔆

We've compiled some top tips for you to craft the perfect morning routine, ensuring you make it to your zoom class on time, in the best headspace possible! 😇

#1 - Alarm App Hacks

The power we hold to relentlessly hit snooze is the cause of all our issues. I'm about to fix all those issues though, with 'alarmy'. This app makes you do a challenge or game before you can turn your alarm off, making it impossible to hit snooze or be late to work again.

Some other alarm apps to check out

- Wake N shake

- Alarm Clock Xtreme

- Carrot

- SleepyTime

#2 - Make A Banging Morning Playlist 🔥

Why wake up to an annoying ringtone? Why not wake up to your favourite song instead? It seems pretty obvious yet most of us don't do it. Waking up to a great tune actually gets you smiling before you even get out of bed - it's super motivating.

Here are some personal favourites:

- Racecar by Aries

- Dancing Queen by ABBA

- Papi Chulo by Skepta

- The Chai by Fleetwood Mac

#3 - Protein Power 🥓

If you're struggling with energy & concentration, then we highly recommend breakfasts that are full of protein. Some good options would be; eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, nuts and smoothies.

All of these choices are full of protein and are sure to help get your day started off right 😋

#4 - Get Updated 🚨

Look, everyone tells you to avoid your phone, but this can be a tad unrealistic. We know that you're gonna check your Instagram right away, so, the least you can do is check the news.

This is the perfect way to get your brain going whilst keeping up to date with all the goings-on. If you're not into the formalities of the news then head over to @freehour_malta - we try to make our news pieces very easily digestible and relevant to students 😁

#5 - Water THEN Coffee Is The Way To Go ☕️

First thing in the morning, your body tends to be very dehydrated after not having any liquids during your sleep. Because of this, please don't let the first thing you put into your dehydrated body be caffeine.

Water doesn't just help your hydration either, it's great for boosting early energy levels & as well as your metabolism. We aren't saying coffee is bad, it's just not very hydrating 🤪

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