All My Cards In 1 & A Free €10?! Here Are 4 Reasons To Download Curve ASAP 💰

We all know that managing money is tough. None of us can seem to perfect our spending, let alone our saving. What if there was a solution though?

And what if it was even better than Revolut?

The answer is Curve (👈 tap to download), an app which combines all your cards into 1 - while giving you different ways to manage your money AND rewarding you for doing so 💵


1. Did Someone Say Free Cash? 🤑

Yep! When you order and activate your Curve card, you get €10 absolutely free if you use our code FH123. They're literally paying you and solving your money problems, beautiful.

Oh and there's more, for the first 3 months you use Curve, you get 1 to 3 percent cashback on your purchases in 3 stores of your choice. If you opt for their premium Curve Black card - that bumps up to 3 to 5 percent cashback from 6 different stores.

Download here for free moneyyyyy 💰

even squidward is happy


2. Curve Is A Time Machine, Seriously 🕰

Forgot your usual card at home? Accidentally paid with the wrong card? Have no fear. One of the unique features Curve has to offer is the ability to “go back in time.”

Basically, this incredibly useful feature lets you go back to a previous transaction and change which card you used to pay, allowing for even better money management.

It's brilliant.


3. All Your Spending, Explained 💸

On top of combining all your different cards into a single app, Curve also automatically organises every purchase you make into different categories: entertainment, food, clothing etc - so you can understand exactly where your money is going.

This way, you just need to tap the Curve Insights tab and voilà! A simple overview of your month's spending appears, €40 was spent on clothes, €25 was spent on transport and €400 was spent on food 😅

With this month-by-month overview system, it's super easy to keep track of budgeting goals, as well as to compare how much you've spent this month vs last month.


4. Bonus Features Added Regularly 😎

  • You can now use Filters, which are particularly helpful for tracking money spent during a particular date range - a holiday for example.

  • You can even take photos of all your receipts now and attach them to your purchases for even better in-app tracking.

  • Seriously, this app is a lifesaver, hit download.


Don't forget you can get €10 absolutely free with our code FH123 😍

Download the app HERE 😎