5 New Covid-19 Regulations That Every Student In Malta Needs To Know Right Now 😳

In a new relaxation of measures, several retail stores like fashion outlets will now be allowed to reopen, after being forced to close their doors to customers for the past six weeks.

As you might expect though, this won't be business as usual, an there'll be a handful of new regulations that both shops and customers must strictly follow, read on for a full explanation.

#1 - You Might Have To Start Changing At Home 😅

Firstly, all changing rooms in clothing stores have been banned. Now I know what you're thinking, what's the point of going shopping if I can't try on 20 things to eventually only buy 3 items 🤣 - it sucks. However, these measures are the only way for us to stay safe!

#2 - Shoes On Shoes? 🩰

Yep, you're gonna have to cover up those Yeeyzs, overshoes now must be worn in all shoe stores. They're basically just little plastic bags that go on top of shoes, to avoid cross-contamination. It might look a little funny, but trust me it's a very necessary precaution.

#3 - Upgraded Stores 🙌

To better ensure customer safety, stores are responsible for making sure that every person entering their premises is wearing a mask. Not only that, but hand sanitisers must be placed outside the outlet as well as 2 metre marks shown for people to queue at a safe distance.

#4 - Maximum Capacity ⚠️

One client is allowed for every ten square metres of space. Those are the rules. So, stores are required to calculate what that total amounts to for them, and place a sign outside declaring the maximum amount of customers allowed to shop at one time.

#5 - Better Safe Than Sorry 🤒

Over the weekend, 10 people who tested positive for COVID-19 were not found at their homes. Ridiculous right? Unfortunately, common sense isn't too common, so as a new regulation, store owners will be allowed to refuse service to customers that look sick.

What do you think?

Are these regulations too harsh, or is it too early to start reopening stores in the first place?

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