• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 More Patients Die Of COVID-19, Bringing Malta's Total Up To 174 😔

Sad News 😢

Malta's Health authorities have announced that we've unfortunately got another day of high death numbers. Following five announced deaths, Malta's total is now up to 174.

All of the following cases sadly passed away yesterday, at Mater Dei hospital.

Details Breakdown 👇

#1 - 76-year-old woman who resulted positive on 7th December.

#2 - A 66-year-old man is the second case. He tested positive 3 days ago on 11th of December and also passed away yesterday at Mater Dei.

#3 - A 79-year-old man who tested positive on almost a month ago, on the 15th of November.

#4 - An 88-year-old man who tested positive on the 1st of December.

#5 - A 94-year-old woman who first tested positive on 30th November.

Rest In Peace ❤️

Stay Positive 😇

There's hope on the horizon, according to recent news that I'm sure you've heard about by now - vaccines are on their way.

Hopefully with the first round of Pfizer vaccines coming out in January - catering for frontliners and over 85s, will put an end to or at least slow down the instensity of the virus.

Try to socialise safely this Christmas, even if it's with family!

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