• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Memories That'll Make You Feel Super Nostalgic About Leaving Secondary School 😭

With the new semester now fully underway, let's have a quick look back at all the things that you've left behind in secondary school. Prepare your tissue box for multiple moments of nostalgia.

1) Weekly Burger Days & Canteen Discounts 🍔

You probably have more food options than you can handle right now especially if you go to UoM, but back in secondary school, good food wasn't super common. In fact, any day where you could grab a special chicken & cheese burger or hotdog was heaven-sent.

Also, you probably have more money now than you did then, so discounts aren't as big of a deal. Back when you had to survive on the 3 euro your mum gave you though, it was a whole different story, and putting together 2 packs of MAOAMS, an ice tea, those Nutella stick things and like 3 different pringle flavors was a whoooole shopping spree.

Alexa play "save that money" by Lil Dicky

2) Everything Was Chiller, You Had Way Less Work In General 📖

Mainly because the work you did have was done in the bathroom 5 minutes before it was due to be handed in, but still. Gone are the days where you just have a couple of pages of long multiplication to deal with, or a single 300-word essay, or a project where half the work was sticking photos to your scrapbook. Now you can barely get an essay shorter than 2,000 words, feels bad man 😒

its like this but you're crying not laughing

3) Sneaking Into Clubs / Fake IDs 💳 🥃

You did it. We all did it, don't lie to me. The rush of sneaking into Havana was the only intoxication you could get back then, and god forbid you got in the club and your friend didn't because Lara just couldn't stomach the idea of you having any fun without her.

If you were extra crazy, you might even have paid that shady friend to make a fake ID for you, and sometimes that even worked, other times you'd get the ID confiscated or snapped in half if you pissed off the bouncer.

seems legit

4) Sports Day Was Lit 🏀

Whatever colour team you were, and whether you played basketball, volleyball, rounders or any other sport, the vibe was always great. People painted their faces, played competitively, and sometimes even the teachers would join in.

On the other hand, if you were part of that select group that would cheat to get their team ahead, you deserve a special place in the hottest corner of hell where satan routinely makes you walk barefoot over legos made of broken glass 😊

5) Assembly In The Morning / After Break 😒

"Did you not hear the bell??! GET IN LINE NOW" Jeeesus dude, chill a little. Speaking of Jesus, how long has it been since you've said the "Our Father" prayer, like you used to do in line? Probably way too long, you should feel very ashamed.

There were also those rare moments when you'd get called out in front of everyone for doing something nice, like starting some kind of extracurricular initiative or bringing home the gold from the interschool competitions. Realistically though, most people were getting sent to the principle's office mid-assembly for talking too much or being made an example of for throwing chairs out of the class window. Kids are crazy.

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