Here Are 5 Maltese Artists That Are Raking In HUGE Streams On Spotify In 2020 😎 ❤️

We all love Maltese talent right? In light of this, we thought we'd recommend some local artists for you to listen to, all of which are raking hundreds of thousands of streams & in some cases hundreds of millions! 😳

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1. Eddie Fresco 🚬 - Hip-Hop

First on our list is 215 collective's very own, who's now raking in hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify.

He's released two albums so far, titled "Cigarettes" as well as the more recent "INCOGNITO" - which saw him landing a feature with super popular U.S. rapper Wifisfuneral.

Song To Hear First: Cigarettes


2. Tash Sultana 🎤 - Alternative

If you don't know Tash, prepare to be blown away.

She's half Maltese, half Australian & has achieved global acclaim with hundreds of millions of streams.

Definitely check her out.

Song To Hear First: Jungle


3. Emma Muscat 🇮🇹 - Pop

We all know her - if you enjoy some Italian vocals you might want to give Emma's music a try, she does have a fantastic voice after all.

Her song with ex-boyfriend Biondo now has more than 5 million streams.

Song To Hear First: Vicolo cieco


4. Red Electrick 🎸 - Rock

If you're Maltese, chances are that you or your parents have been to a Red Electrick concert at least once.

They're very well known around the island and always put on a great show.

Song To Hear First: Right Here


5. Winter Moods ☔️ - Rock & Alternative

Saving the best for last - this band has been around for over 30 years.

In this time they've made 5 albums & broken local records for concert attendance, with the most recent record being at over 10,000 fans.

Song To Hear: Marigold


BONUS! The Travellers ✈️ - Maltese Pop

This band has become super popular - landing very highly streamed songs with lyrics completely in Maltese.

Also, they have a new album coming out soon! Check them out on Instagram here.

Song To Hear First: Xemx U Xita


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