• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas To Get Your Mum & Dad This Christmas Season 🎁

Christmas is in 5 days guys - shame on you. That being said - we're not here to judge, procrastination happens to the best of us 😅 Below is a list of last-minute gifts you can get for your parents that they'll absolutely love. Merry Christmas!

1. Wine & Glasses Set - In Wooden Case 🍷🍷

Who doesn't love wine? I know my parents do, probably a bit too much honestly but it's fine.

Think of this gift as giving your parents a fun excuse to get a little romantic once in a while - plus the matching glasses can be re-used every time they want to share a drink together!

Recommendation - Charles Grech - https://www.charlesgrech.com/

2. A Fancy Chocolate Basket 🍫

You can't really go wrong with chocolate. There are a couple of great options around the island and if you spend a little extra you'll probably be able to steal some bites for yourself 😂

Recommendation - Chocolate District - https://bit.ly/2PGR6bF

3. Soap For Mum & Perfume For Dad 💏

Mum's love baths, Dad's love smelling good for work. These are just common facts we all know. So, why not get them something they'll definitely use? Both these options can work well with or without a budget - inexpensive or luxury.


Soap - https://bit.ly/2Z8jPJG

Perfume - https://bit.ly/2Me2cmD

4. A Hotel Getaway Weekend Or A Free Dinner 🍱 🛀

If you haven't done this before - it's a no brainer. Help your parents escape their hectic day-to-day with spa experiences and beautiful views. Everyone loves a relaxing weekend at a bed and breakfast, especially if it's free!

Same goes for the free dinners - very thoughtful gifts for Christmas ☺️


For these we suggest the classic Hilton hotel, as well as Pirata or Okurama for dinner.

5. A Heavy Duty Christmas Hamper 🍾

If all else fails - go for a hamper.

This is a good option if you want to give your parents a little bit of everything - plus they look quite cute and thoughtful if you add a handwritten card.

There are even places that do gluten-free or diet conscious hampers - for any allergies / diet issues your family may have.


Cleland & Souchet - https://bit.ly/34IYIPj

Want to take a mini-family trip instead?

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